Castledawson – Loyalists Cancel Christmas


This year Christmas isn’t coming to Castledawson (founded 1710, population 3293), Northern Ireland
Where’s Castledawson?
Castledawson map
Here it is – on the road to nowhere

Castledawson railway station closed for passengers in 1950.
The main A6 Belfast to (London)Derry road passed through Castledawson until 1992, when it was bypassed.
What famous event took place in Casteldawson?
On 12 July 1830, Orange Institution parades


led to confrontations between Orangemen and Ribbonmen in Maghera and Castledawson

burning belfast houses
Several Catholic homes were burnt by Protestants

Why’s Christmas not coming there?
Because they’ve got their Loyalist priorities right!

said …….”Dis is are kulture an hertage


The Ghost of Christmas Present appeared and said

xmas p 1

No talk = No walk”

xmas present 1

Flegs on show = Xmas no go!”

xmas presnet 2

Christmas lights were bought using a peace grant and remain the property of the Sinn Fein-dominated council. The council has refused to hand them over  to Castledawson because community representatives have not implemented a policy on the flying of flags in the area.
Council backed the application for Castledawson on the proviso there would be an agreed flags protocol in future. Basically that hasn’t happened.

Alone among EU nations and Christians the world over, the Protestant Coalition proclaims
Rather than come to an agreement with our neighbours we prefer tattered flags to Christmas lights!”


fleg in castledawson


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