Scotland: Bow Down to your Imperial Masters!!


glasgow central

The  7.30 from  Euston  arrived in  Glasgow Central shortly after noon tooday.

50 –  60  English Labour MPs got off, ready to start campaigning  against Independence

Here comes the cavalry!” shouted one man,

They were welcomed with

That’s the sight of 100 political tourists on a jolly from London,” .

They  turned into Buchanan Street  to walk  to Glasgow’s Royal Concert Hall where Ed Miliband was to meet them for a suitable photo- op,   and were greeted  by  the Imperial Death March from Star Wars

The people of Glasgow were commanded to “Welcome your Imperial Labour Party  Masters” .


UK-OK Campaign Screwed up – YES Leads the Poll

With just 12 days left until the Scottish independence referendum a YouGov poll in tomorrow’s Sunday Times puts YES on 51% and NO on 49%

In the space of just a month, the 22-point lead that the Unionists held has evaporated.


Panic stations now –

A new Devo-Max offer is being put on the table – even though postal votes have already been sent in! Legal anyone? Whatever happened to the Edinburgh Agreement? Didn’t Mr Cameron refuse to countenance Devo-max?

Ed Milliband is threatening to post guards and watchtowers along the border

Mr Cameron is meeting Her Majesty tomorrow afternoon.

How’s he going to explain she risks losing her holiday home in Balmoral?


Moving to YES, Scotland

Enjoy as the Unionists are thrilled and then dashed and Independence supporters are dashed and then thrilled

Please watch to the very end!!!

This very clever video  uses a palindrome set-up (reads the same forwards and backwards)

Note also how the music segues from Jerusalem, England’s unofficial anthem to a Scottish melody

At the end enjoy the tongue in cheek reference to cereal eating, the meme of the patronising lady video which we discussed a couple of days ago


Go Scotland, Go!

Breaking News – Latest Poll Results

YouGov findings –

Should Scotland be an independent country?

Yes 47% (+4)
No 53% (-4)

Just over a year ago, YouGov showed

Yes 33%,

No 67% –

Talk about a swing!
And remember YouGov provides the most conservative estimates.
The UK Coalition Government is allegedly “incandescent”.

Everything to win for Scotland  in the next 2 weeks

Keep up the YES  campaigning

The USA talks about the Scottish referendum, press bias and the Patronising Lady

Nice to be back with you all again.

I’ve been offline for a while due to computer problems – hopefully on the way to being resolved!

Anyway I think you’ll enjoy this radio broadcast from the USA. Note the not very flattering references to the Orange Order!! Seems I’m not the only person that’s not a fan!

If you’ve missed the Patronising Lady advert the journalist was talking about –  just have a look here!

And here’s “Her Paul’s” story

And here’s what real women in Scotland  (not a 1950’s sexist stereotype) are doing