Th’ whole worl’s in a terrible state o’ chassis – Good Luck with that!

The outcome of the Scottish Referendum is reverberating far and wide

1) Mike Sagar-Fenton appears to agree with our conclusions in

as he wonders if life would have been easier if Scots had voted YES.

2) Labour peer Lord Glasman said Mr Brown’s promise of “a modern form of Scottish home rule” during the final days of the referendum campaign “was incompatible with being part of the United Kingdom”.

What we’ve done is smash the Union. Brown stood up and made a speech after which it was incapable for any Scot to be Prime Minister again – he’s the last. That’s a tragedy for our country.”

The lecturer in political theory at London Metropolitan University concluded: “If there’s a Union, there’s a Union but you can’t have home rule, complete control over your own affairs. I think we’ve got to step back here and re-conceptualise the Union.”

He said the No vote had left a “huge number of problems” and attacked the pro-UK Better Together campaign as being based on “begging, bullying and bribing. It was a nasty.

3) Over in Argyll they also seem to agree. They’re asking “Is the union likely to survive?” and conclude


no way

unless the understanding, priorities, strategies and commitment of the Westminster government and parties sharpen up to a level they show no sign of attaining
They propose

action plan
They want to “limit the SNP’s impact in 2015; and defeat it in the 2016 Scottish Election

good luck 2

Conclusions: The UK doesn’t want to play with Unionists any more – don’t they realize that? 

Meanwhile back in Scotland   . . . .

4)  thousands of Independence supporters join the SNP, Greens and the Scottish Socialist Party

With more than 40,000 new members 1.5 % of the Scottish electorate now belong to the party.

The SNP is now bigger than the Liberal Democrats, and behind only Conservatives and Labour.

The Greens and SSP have doubled in membership, accounting for another 10,000 odd new party members.


Independence supporters  took to the streets in Edinburgh last Saturday and Sunday

Bit ironic singing those songs after the NO vote!!

About 94,000 signed a petition to demand a re-vote with impartial international counters, claiming there was overwhelming evidence of fraud in the referendum

celtic league

The Celtic League has seen enough evidence  to write to the United Nations Human Rights Commissioner

They’re worried about the manipulation and interference of UK parties in the Referendum campaign. Lord Glasman above appears to support their point of view.

According to the League, these actions were obviously designed to influence the outcome and breached the international covenant on civil and political rights – which the UK has signed up to.

The British media dismisses Scots’ calls for recounts and fresh referenda as being “sour grapes” based on “conspiracy theories“.
Good-Luck 3

5) Mr Peter Robinson and Mr Martin McGuinness

rob and mcg

will meet the Welsh and Scottish heads of goverment  to discuss in their amicable fashion how

The Scottish Referendum has provided a unique opportunity to examine the process of constitutional change and the impact on devolved institutions”.
good luck 4
Conclusion: The centre cannot hold – mere anarchy is loosed upon the UK

And amid all this upheaval what’s happening in Northern Ireland?

6) The Stormont Executive is facing legal action over an alleged failure to develop an anti-poverty strategy for Northern Ireland.
The Committee on the Administration of Justice (CAJ) has claimed no proper blueprint has been adopted for dealing with deprivation.

CAJ director Brian Gormally said: “Stormont cannot simply overlook a key legal duty introduced as part of an international agreement which forms part of the peace process”.

good luck 5

7)Ever optimistic, ever hopeful, our lovely SOS


Theresa Villiers announced “a new round of cross-party negotiations were to be convened how to deal with flags, parades and the past

and the government of the Republic of Irelannd would be involved“.

graduated, graduated response

The TUV “Graduated Response came quickly

No blacks, no dogs, no Irishwhat part no


Any Unionist worth their salt will play no role in talks which gives the Republic a say in the internal affairs of this part of the United Kingdom”.

dup banner
Paul Berry, a former DUP MLA agrees
I would urge our unionist leaders if they have any backbone to resist Dublin involvement in any talks”


good luck 1

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