Squaring the Circle – What NO means



The Union of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has hardly been a success in the last 50 years, has it?
30 years internecine strife in Northern  Ireland, an uneasy peace, Nationalists and Republicans with one foot out the door  and now 45% of Scots want to leave.
That would not have been a problem if all the UK party leaders hadn’t promised


Devo Max for Scotland if they voted NO.Back bencher, former PM, Mr Gordon Brown, even mentioned HOME RULE for Scotland

Scotland will be happy to accept interim HOME RULE – if it ever materialises.

Query: What do other people think?

Over my dead body” said UKIP

Let’s have an English referendum on ejecting Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland from the United Kingdom”.

tory logo

Fine” said the Conservatives “but those Scots can’t come here and vote on English issues

Comment:  They’re just repeating what Liberal Prime Minister

William Gladstone


William Gladstone said in 1886 about the First Home Rule Bill for Ireland

If Ireland is to have domestic legislation for Irish affairs they cannot come here for English or Scottish affairs”


Great” said Wales, Cornwall and Yorkshire “We want some of those devolved powers too. Why only those Scots insurgents who threatened to break up our country?

No” said the DUP in NI

We’d only have to share those powers with Sinn Fein

sinn fein
Yes please” said Sinn Fein

We want our country back

labour logo
No! Let’s discuss it in a convention ” said the British Labour Party “A lot of our MPs come from Scotland and Wales. If they can’t vote on English matters we’ll never be in power again. And even if we get a majority thanks to the Scottish and Welsh votes , we’ll never be able to govern England

Great” said Mr Cameron “All the better for us, my dears.


Her Majesty’s purring


Query: So what are the options?

1) Home Rule for Scotland alone as promised to secure the referendum?
Watch the uproar in Wales and England

2) A federal UK like Germany or the USA?
That wouldn’t work because of

a)  the disproportionate size of the English population (85%)

b)  divided loyalities.

c) Nearly half the populations in Scotland and NI want out of the Union.

d) The English have already refused regional assemblies and proposals about city states. They want England to stay united. They don’t want to pay for another layer of government. They want to decide and legislate alone on matters that involve England. They have every right to want all these things.

e)If English people won’t accept English regional parliaments as opposed to one English parliament, then the UK will not become a federal state.

f) Finally, federalism with its separation of powers, written constitution and so on,  is alien to Westminster

3) Devolution for England and a Chamber for the home nations to decide on Defence and other reserved issues?

What’s to stop them eventually spinning into independence?

4) Independence now for Wales, Scotland and NI?

Why not?

Query: Do you really support UKIP?

Answer: Apparently so!!

are you sure


Conclusion: Maybe Mr Cameron should have let Scotland go – it would have caused fewer problems in the long run
The Union is now running on borrowed time







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