No More Independence Referendums!

That’s Jack Straw’s latest idea

straw jack

Who’s Jack Straw?

A British Labour Party  politician who has been  an MP  since 1979. Straw served in the Cabinet from 1997 to 2010. He was  Home Secretary from 1997 to 2001 and Foreign Secretary from 2001 to 2006 under Tony  Blair,  Lord Chancellor fom 2007 to 2010 and Secretary of State for Justice  throughout Gordon Brown’s  Premiership. Straw is one of only three individuals to have served in Cabinet continuously under the Labour government from 1997 to 2010.

jack straw


Mr Straw wants to take out the will of the people. And a large number of Tories will be grinning from ear to ear, read to agree  with him,

If this idea goes through the NI Secretary of State will never call a referendum on a United Ireland vs Staying in the UK .

S/He won’t be able to by law!

In the triumph of a NO victory does Mr Straw realize his idea threatens unravelling the Good Friday/Belfast Agreement?

Does he even care?

How will Scottish and Irish Nationalists and Republicans react when they learn they could be trapped forever, against their will, in the UK?

Full article behind paywall here:

2 thoughts on “No More Independence Referendums!

  1. The whole idea is mad, isn’t it? The proposed legislation would have to exclude the north-east of Ireland because of the multilateral and bilateral agreements around the GFA. Anything else would be “treaty breaking” and probably spark a new conflict. Unionist leaders of course would go nuts if the north was excluded. Which would also spark a new conflict. So leave well enough alone.

    Very insulting to the Scots. And Welsh, Cornish. Insinuating that they represent a rebellious “Confederate States”. Ugly politics. Not remotely democratic.


  2. nice to hear from you Seamas – no, not a reasonable or democratic proposal by any means. Even though the UK won the referendum, Westminster was obviously not happy with 45% of Scots wanting independence so they want to make sure the issue never arises again.
    secondly as a threat if nothing else, it’s par for the course how the british establishment react to “uprisings”. The referendum was not a violent uprising so there will be no physical violence this time round but Scotland can expect the heavy hand of reprisals in other ways.
    the Welsh and Cornish are being warned off.


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