Scotland Rising – Advance Caledonia!

Impressive numbers of people are voting all over Scotland – something like 10% of the electorate every hour!


YES voters are overcome with:   

a sense of the Historical Occasion

feeling very emotional, today is the day I have waited for for 58 years”.

“First in the queue.The jannie said there would be a wee wait and I said it was OK as I’d already waited 48 years”.

“My cross marked after witnessing the sealing of the empty box. My one greatest legacy to my children”.



“I’m standing 10 feet tall. So proud today,”

“Very proud and emotional day”.
“I stared at the paper grinning like the Cheshire cat for about 15 seconds before I could make my mark”.

“Walking to the train station this morning I became quite emotional about it all”.

“I feel sick with excitement and nerves”.

“I literally came out of the town hall today with a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes”

“I even kissed my ballot paper before posting it in the box, tears streamin doon ma face”



“Was it just me or was anyone else petrified that they would vote No by mistake, or that they did not write/draw a cross?”

“Had to check my paper 5 times and a 6th as i was putting it in the box”

“It was mental at the polling station,it felt surreal,i was light-headed and dizzy and seemed to float through in an out of body experience,my hands were shaking marking the ballot paper”.

“I was fifth in the queue. Got in, got my ballot, got in the booth and read the question about six times before putting a cross in the Yes box with a shaking hand. Read the ballot again to make sure my cross was in the right box, went over it again with a firm hand then read it again. Folded the ballot paper and put it in the box. It felt like a final exam, I was so nervous, even now I couldn’t be sure I put my cross in the right box!”

“Knowing that for once, my vote actually means something. I put my X in the Yes, folded it, held it in my hand then opened it and looked at it again. Just to make sure. 3 times”.


And for all those Scots who are still undecided – Stand up for 

before polling closes at 10 pm there’s still time to read

wee book 2

 and listen to a  song

Now’s the day and now’s the hour. Just do it Scotland! Vote YES and be a nation once again!

2 thoughts on “Scotland Rising – Advance Caledonia!

  1. Thanks for commenting Yesguy and for the link – it’s an incredible atmosphere – i really really hope Scotland pulls it over the threshold . having seen what happened in ireland I really fear for Scotland’s future if it doesn’t. All best wishes for success.


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