A Movement for YES

An update from  American journalist Will Mc Leod


who a couple of weeks ago  broadcast about


He provides an outsider view  on many of the incidents we have already mentioned in the past few days – BBC bias, the Orange Order march, and so on

He focuses on the role of the Wee Blue Book in helping inform undecided voters. You may remember we mentioned it here,


with instructions on how to access it yourselves on line.

Stangely enough (or not as fellow blogger An Sionnach Fionn would rightly insist) Will reports that  the demand for the


Gaelic Wee Blue Book has far outstripped supply

So here’s the online link for all who are interested and want to print it out for Gaelic speakers!


And if that were not enough – here’s the song the people of Scotland seem to favour  as their new National Anthem



After all they  can hardly  keep on singing

once they have  voted YES, won the land that was lost  and sent proud Elixabeth’s Government home with no chance  to think again

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