St Andrew at work over 10 Downing St?

Trying to hoist the Saltire over 10 Downing St

An ill omen? St Andrew at work? The sign of what’s to come?

The UK government has called on English people to raise Saltires.

Where are the English going to get them?

The local shopping centre hardly stores hundreds of Saltires, folded up, ready for hoisting!!!

Just to take one example:  Barnet Council

Barnet Labour group leader Alison Moore  said: “I think Barnet Council should be part of the message that we really are committed to being a united kingdom.

Mr Cornelius Conservative council leader replied:

I think all of us are concerned that we should say our little bit, which is ‘Scotland, we love you and want you to stay aboard our little union’.”

Both party groups have now given the plan the green light and the council confirmed it was in the process of trying to locate a flag.


saltire 1

The Saltire has become the symbol of Independence for Scotland.

Why is the UK government hoisting it over the Prime Minister’s house?

Why do they want English people to raise this standard?

Will displaying  it annoy  neighbours who support the UK?

Why doesn’t the government  call on English people to hoist Union Flags


union flag2

if they want to muster  support for the Union?

Is the UK government signalling they support Independence for Scotland?

Put an end to all this confusion!!!


Vote YES

From Sliabh Dubh, Belfast  thanks to Gael Force Art


PS  Does the UK Government  know that the only people  in Northern Ireland who hoist Saltires (usually on lamp posts)




are Loyalist paramilitaries?

If not, why not? Or do they support Loyalist paramilitaries?


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