Ist ever Republican March in Belfast – August 2014


Republicans walked through the city centre!! Past St Patrick’s Church!!! republicans at st pats

Along Royal Avenue!!

they did it


For the first time ever!!! Since Belfast existed!!

Minimal opposition despite call-out posters like this



and protesters like these

Loyalist protesters held back by police in Belfast

who responded to the call

Loyalists attacked the first Irish republican rally to pass through Belfast city centre.


Golf balls, bottles, fireworks, umbrellas and even cast iron rain gutter was thrown at republicans marching along Royal Avenue.

Last year was a different story



Today the  days of  Loyalists’ hegemony ended – 

ends begins

A new day finally dawned in Belfast

2 thoughts on “Ist ever Republican March in Belfast – August 2014

  1. Surely not the first Republican march in Belfast — what about the one at the time of the British Queen’s visit, which was addressed by relatives of people shot dead by British troops and their allies?

    Diarmuid Breatnach


  2. Even the Guardian admits it was the 1st through Belfast City centre (see ref above)
    Republicans and nationalists were only allowed to approach Belfast City Hall in1993 (possibly the first-ever republican demonstration on what had always been hallowed ground for Unionism.. .
    Then they came down the Falls Road and then turned right towards the City hall, which is what they have always done since.
    It’s taken another 11 years for them to be able to rally along Royal Avenue, and walk through the city centre!!


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