“The Graduated Response” = 3 strikes and you’re out!!


 What is the graduated response?

 Graduated response (also known as three strikes) is a protocol or law, adopted in several countries, aimed at reducing unlawful  file sharing.

Why is the Unionist front applying it in Northern Ireland?

no idea

Maybe they thought the  OTR letters was an example of unlawful  file sharing? Anyway the aim seems to be 

we will hurt you 

Here are their latest 3 strikes
1) First Minister Peter Robinson rejected Sinn Féin’s call for a resumption of all-party talks on parades, flags and the past.

2) A Minister threatens to withdraw free travel for the over 60s

what part no
3) Mr Robinson threatens to suspend funding for the Historic Abuse Inquiry 

gladiators dev

Comment: Such a vindictive attitude. Such an old-fashioned way of doing politics.

What happens now they’ve played these 3 strikes?


no idea


Will there be another set? Don’t they know there is little to no evidence that that graduated responses are either ‘successful’ or ‘effective’ ?

What do other people say about suspending the Historical Abuse Inquiry?

sinn fein


gladiator SF
Sinn Féin said it had been attempting to get the DUP to agree the June monitoring round for the last two weeks.

The June monitoring round can and should be agreed quickly and the money made available for the work of the Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry and for the large number of other projects affected.

“Sinn Féin is totally committed to finding the necessary funding for the HIAI so that it can complete its important work on behalf of all the victims of abuse.”

gladiator abuse campaigner
Margaret McGuckin,a campaigner for victims of institutional abuse has called on Peter Robinson to retract his statement that an abuse inquiry is at risk.

Margaret  said she felt let down.

All the parties agreed to this,”
“They stood on the steps of Stormont and said how taken they were by all of our stories, and how nothing would stop it or interfere with it.

carsons statue at stormont

Ulster Unionist leader Mike Nesbitt urged the Executive to unite in pledging to protect the inquiry’s funding.
He said it was “inconceivable” that the inquiry would be wound up early because of a lack of resources.
Many, many victims will be unnecessarily dismayed and distressed after hearing Peter Robinson say that this outrageous suggestion is even being considered,” 
“The fact that the First Minister would try and introduce this to a public debate is deeply regrettable.
“There are billions of pounds in the Executive budget and to even consider targeting the funding of the HIA inquiry is politics of the lowest order.”

So even a member of the Unionist leadership/family/ front think they are the




Thumbs down for the “Graduated response”


gladiator SOS

UPDATE – 21/7/14

robinson 2



Margaret McGuckin

Peter Robinson “ says now the parties have got together and have agreed the money was there. It will be signed off officially tomorrow, and we can say tonight that the money is there.

“Maybe after the pressure we applied and even listening to the victims on radio and TV, I think he recognises now that it shouldn’t have happened and we’re happy and reassured that the money was there.



One more strike to go!!!

northern darkness












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