Catholics in Northern Ireland are all upper second class citizens now

thankful for small mercies

12/7/2014: No riots and no disorder over the 12th
The Orange Order appeared wonderful that day.


self praise

self compliments


dodds orangeman
Nigel Dodds MP praised the Orange Order, community leaders and political representatives for their work in ensuring the Twelfth celebrations in north Belfast passed off peacefully.

tom elliott.jpg_1024
Ulster Unionist MLA Tom Elliott :

I am pleased that the position taken by the unionist political parties to give leadership has been vindicated, although I’m sure other political representatives may feel a sense of disappointment that their doomsday scenario did not happen”
fishing for compliments


robinson 2
DUP First Minister Peter Robinson

the campaign for tolerance had been strengthened”.


Our lovely Secretary  of State, Theresa Villiers,  joined police and senior Stormont politicians in lauding the non-violent outcome of the main date in the Orange Order’s marching calendar.
Comment: NB Her boss may need Unionist votes next year.

parades commission
“The work which takes place at grassroots level by parade and protest organisers, and local politicians, is challenging but invaluable”.
“Reducing tension and instances of public disorder is an encouraging backdrop against which to address outstanding parading issues through sincere, meaningful and sustained dialogue.”

Comment: NB The Orange Order and co still want the Parades Commission disbanded and demand a legal type inquiry into the ongoing parade ban at Ardoyne.
To be replaced with what?
rubber stamp
terry spence2
was delighted that PSNI officers had played a central role in ensuring a peaceful Twelfth, and also congratulated all others involved in preventing violence”.

SDLP MLA Alban Maginness

it is vital that both communities now re-engage in open, honest and sustained dialogue aimed at securing a lasting resolution”.

Were some heads knocked together?
In return for not wrecking the place

do the Loyalists expect to get what they want ?
carrot and stick
Do they have something coming their way?

Are they  going to behave at least until they get it?
And if they don’t will ”justifiable anger and frustration give way to violence and disorder?”

Comment: NB extrinsic or external “incentives” such as ”abolishing the Parades Commission” are only effective in motivating completion of simple or low-level tasks, but are counterproductive to achieving higher level functioning or creativity.

Is the “graduated response” just the

same old

same old, same old, Unionist/Loyalist response?

ulster covenant 1
ulster covenant 2
ulster covenant 3

In the hope that

no success


Thanks to LAD we’ve got our very own  “graduated response” response team

graduated, graduated response


We’re all upper second class citizens now!!


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