What’s going on in the PSNI?

The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSMI) was formed on 4th November 2001 to replace the highly militarized RUC. The PSNI say:

Our Commitment – to work with communities and partners to make Northern Ireland safe, confident and peaceful

Ambition – to be the finest, personal, professional and protective police service in the world

psni badge

Our Purpose – Making Northern Ireland safer for everyone through professional, progressive policing.

Our Vision is a service everyone can be proud of because it delivers policing at its best

What’s going wrong?

whats going wrong

Just look at what’s come out about the PSNI in the past couple of weeks 

1) The past year saw the highest number of complaints against the PSNI since the Police Ombudsman’s Office opened in 2000. 


3,734 complaints and 6,089 allegations were made against the PSNI in 2013/14.


2) For all of you that missed the programme – the BBC shines its Spotlight on the type of outrageous behaviour exhibited by uniformed PSNI officers on the streets of Omagh

The judge in Omagh threw out all the charges and called the cops liars.  This is the main reason we got the news and the programme

michael maguire

3)  Michael Maguire, police ombudsman, is taking the PSNI to court

dont believe

He’s  attempting to force it to hand over sensitive intelligence material.

*The Chief Constable decided  to withhold information about 60 murders.

*Access to material is being sought in up to 19 ongoing investigations.

*Claims of collusion between some police officers and the killers feature in many.

*Investigators for the ombudsman were turned away from PSNI buildings.

*Requests for information on the cases had been turned down on more than 100 occasions.


horror girl 2

4) Reports are coming in about a UK-wide investigation and arrests  allegedly  in connection with the awarding of contracts for the supply of police vehicles,  allegations of misconduct around the procurement process for police equipment, and  the awarding of a multi-million pound staff recruitment contract for the PSNI .

Police are investigating whether there was a conspiracy to ensure multi-million pound contracts for police vehicles went to Donnelly Brothers,one of Northern Ireland’s largest car dealerships.

used cars

The  company has been a longstanding supplier of vehicles to the police and was recently awarded a multi-million pound contract for the maintenance of its fleet of cars.Police are also allegedly looking into the tendering of another multi-million pound contract to armour more than 50 police cars that was awarded to Donnellys and a company based in England.

Terence Donnelly, 62, one of the owners of Donnelly Brothers, was  questioned about a range of possible offences including bribery, misconduct in public office and procuring misconduct in public office.

what part no

Mr Donnelly has strenuously denied any wrongdoing.

duncan mccausland

Former assistant chief constable Duncan McCausland was also  questioned.

Mr McCausland served with the RUC and  PSNI from 1983 until  2011, when he left  with a £500,000 package under the Patten redundancy scheme . The 54-year-old sits on the board of a number of agencies including the Strategic Investment Board, NI Tourist Board and the independent panel overseeing the Responsible Retailing Code for alcohol promotions. He was a member of the Oversight Group for Prison Reform.  He describes himself as a “self-employed security and justice consultant”.

Since retiring from the PSNI, he has worked as a security adviser to Donnellys.

what part no

Retired ACC Duncan McCausland strongly denies any wrongdoing in the way contracts were given to supply the PSNI with vehicles.


mark gilmore

Mark Gilmore, Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police has been suspended pending an investigation by his former force in Northern Ireland.

He was born in 1964 and spent his formative years in  Belfast. Originally from the Shankill Road, he was educated at the Boys’ Model School in North Belfast. He attended the University of Ulster and Harvard in the United States. He joined the Royal Ulster Constabulary in 1983 and  was part of the RUC’s Fundamental Review Team in 1995, led by the then deputy chief constable Sir Ronnie Flanagan.

He spent most of his police career in Northern Ireland and was appointed chief officer in West Yorkshire early in 2013. He was suspended by the West Yorkshire police and crime commissioner Mark Burns-Williamson.

whats going wrong

What exactly is going on in the PSNI?














2 thoughts on “What’s going on in the PSNI?

  1. indeed Séamas – strange it’s all coming to light over the past two weeks – I can feel a conspiracy theory coming on!!!Must take some rationality pills to ward it off!!


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