ceasefire massacre

As the World Cup kicks off once again, let’s remember what happened the year Ireland first qualified

Almost 20 years ago to the day


A memorial plaque in the room where six men were murdered at the Heights Bar in Loughinisland


Colm Smyth was shot four times as he sat with friends in the Heights Bar watching the match

I just saw two men in balaclavas and boiler suits. I knew what was happening – we all know that image – and I knew that the bar was being attacked. My exact words were ‘We’re being hit’”

I fell back onto the tiled floor and Malcolm fell on top of me. As I looked back out, I bent my head forward to look towards the door and they were gone. It was just a horrendous experience.”

The Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) claimed responsibility for the attack.

No-one has ever been convicted of the killings.

One of the local men stops by the memorial plaque

He points to one of the faces smiling back at him. “I held that man in my arms when he was dying,” he says with anger. “That was 20 years ago, and we are all still suffering for it here.”

















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