Slurry . . . . .what a shitty death



I’m not a farming person but . . . . . I cannot fathom why slurry-related deaths are called  tragic farm accidents

 So what are they?

Work-related deaths. They’re one of the hazards of farming

What are you talking about? Farming hazards? Think of the sweet . . .



Farming seems to be a dangerous business


Today 07/06/2014
A 10-year old boy died and his father is fighting for his life after they were overcome by slurry fumes
September 2012: Ulster rugby star Nevin Spence, his father Noel and brother Graham died after entering a slurry tank.

slurry pit
In Ireland, there have been 28 slurry-related deaths in the past decade.

10 were children. 

The NI Health and Safety Executive in (HSENI) says there has been

1 death a month on farms in  the past 20 months,

What’s slurry?
A mixture of cow manure and water
What’s a slurry pit?

Cow shit is hosed down into a hole (pit) under the shed

Warning sign on a slurry pit fence
Slurry pits have caused the deaths of hundreds of animals and several humans. Anyone who falls into the slurry pits risks suffocating or  drowning in shit

What’s slurry for?
Spreading on  fields as fertiliser

Do we use a lot of it?
In Ireland, over 40 million tonnes of slurry are stored, handled and spread each year

Why are Slurry gases so dangerous?
They can kill in seconds
Aren’t you exaggerating?
Suffocation can occur in an instant.

What are you talking about?
Lack of oxygen caused by decomposition of organic matter or poisoning due to gases such as hydrogen sulphide
Are you serious? What do the authorities advise?
Only agitate slurry  on windy days
• Remove all livestock and control pets
• Open all doors and control access
• Ventilate, stay away for 30 minutes during agitation
• Work upwind at all times

Do not enter tanks even when empty
• Keep tank opening secure at all times
If possible avoid agitating alone

Best advice:
Don’t enter a slurry tank.

Comment: Try to have nothing to do with a slurry tank. There must be other ways of using manure and fertilising
I’m not a science person . . . .


not a science person

but in this day and age . . . 


another way

Slurry deaths cause devastating grief and trauma  




We need to do everything in our power to prevent them

stand for farmers



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