Peter Robinson and his bigoted Pastor

So for all of you who missed the Nolan show – here it is


Note how little time Stephen Nolan allows to Dr Khalid Anis – he can hardly get an word in edgeways.

The pastor rants and Nolan defends Robinson at all costs

Polite British  Dr Anis  is elbowed out of the discussion even though

city airport

he made a journey  to Belfast specially because of Robinson’s support for hate speech


And here is George Galloway speaking up and being heckled by an unsuccessful UUP candidate who was later dismissed from the party

watch that awful moment when a  Unionist says to a British MP, “Away back to Britain.”

uup andidate


Is this the sort of people theUUP  harbour?


The CEO of an Indian company doesn’t want to come to Belfast

Alliance MLA Anna Lo wants to leave Northern Ireland

4 thoughts on “Peter Robinson and his bigoted Pastor

  1. thanks for commenting Séamas – agree it was a bloody disgraceful exhibition of unreconstructed bigotry and ignorance – in the meaning of not knowing.
    Galloway was quite right when he said this is what catholics in northern ireland have had to put up with for generations.
    Kudos to the Muslim community for reacting so well, promptly and wheeling in support from England –
    Pity the irish diaspora in England has been so ignored for generations (off you go and good riddance to ye) that they were never or rarely called upon to support the catholics in NI – even though they may well have been more than willing had they been given the opportunity


  2. Excellent page Ben… i actually missed the whole “show” but Nolan is notorious at stymying progressive , articulate conversation and argument by butting in at all the wrong times.I’m still not sure whether it is political machination or rampant naivety on his part. He did much the same on the morning show when John O’Dowd was pointing out that Peter rob had less than clean hands and was in no position to throw insults about anyone’s past deeds.


  3. nice to hear from you paddy – Welcome to The Mirror
    I think nolan’s interventions occur too often to be “naivety” They could simply be protagonism – “look at me I’m wonderful” – rather than political machination –
    They have the same effect though, don’t they?Shutting up the other person! Making sure another point of view is not heard.
    Listeners hear the people Nolan wants them to listen to and they hear Nolan and maybe a little of the opposing point of view but not enough ever to think through the implications


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