Guilty on Appeal

The Craigavon 2 appeal was dismissed at the High Court in Belfast on Thursday.
Who are the Craigavon 2?

Brendan McConville 42 , a former Sinn Féin Councillor from Lurgan, and John Paul Wootton, 22
What is all this about?
2009: Stephen Carroll, a constable with the Police Service of Northern Ireland, was shot dead in Craigavon, in County Armagh.

He was the first police officer in Northern Ireland to be murdered after the Good Friday agreement. His death caused deep disquiet on both sides of the political divide.
2012: Brendan McConville and John Paul Wootton were found guilty of his murder and jailed for life.


They were tried in a Diplock court with a single judge acting as what the court terms a “notional jury”. There was no evidence that Brendan McConville or John Paul Wootton had participated in any event leading to the death of Constable Carroll.This assertion is fully supported by a large number of leading legal and human rights experts.

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See a summary of the defence arguments and evidence at

And from the same conference

A campaign, which has the backing of Gerry Conlon, who was falsely imprisoned for 15 years as a member of the Guildford Four before being released in 1989, argues that the case against McConville and Wootton was “inconclusive, contradictory and in places discredited”.

Conlon said: We can’t have innocent people going to jail and 15 years down the line them being released, their lives ruined … I believe a miscarriage of justice took place here on the basis of all the evidence I have read.”

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2 thoughts on “Guilty on Appeal

  1. A very worrying situation. Hard to disagree with the view that the verdict was entirely about the politics of the case (and the accused) and very little to do with the actual evidence presented. Of course I should say the evidence that didn’t get wiped or mysteriously disappear. I don’t know who murdered Stephen Carroll but I do know that they are not in prison. That is for sure.


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