sinn fein – north and south


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 “We are doing something quite unprecedented, we fought two elections

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Comment: And didn’t they do well? Sinn Fein is  the largest party on city councils in Dublin, Cork, Belfast and Derry,

157/949 Council seats in the South


sinn fein south

105/462  Councillors overall in the North with the most seats in 5  super-council areas, including  Strabane

ni graphs


3 MEPs across the the island of Ireland

martina anderson

Martina Anderson


Lynn Boylan


Liath Ní Riada 

mattt carthy

and  Matt Carthy  for the Midlands North-West constituency

The Sinn Féin candidate was elected following count seven in Castlebar tonight


sinn fein mep


 Comment: Initial Outcomes 


1) Gilmore resigns as leader of the Labour Party

2)Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Galway county lose their Mayors


mayoral chain

Dublin’s Lord Mayor Oisin Quinn (Lab) put a brave face on the defeat, saying that it was a bad day.

Mayor of Limerick Jim Long has conceded defeat, saying he “appreciated and respected” the public’s decision to “evict” him.

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In Cork city, Labour councillor and mayor Catherine Clancy lost her seat and was later hospitalised after being involved in a car crash.

Comment: Poor Kate 


one  ireland, one vote

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4 thoughts on “sinn fein – north and south

  1. Very good results for SF but should have been better. So-so vote management in many parts of the country. Definitely an electoral tremor but not the earthquake the media establishment are hyping it up to be (it probably says much about their antipathy to SF that any improvement in SF’s vote/representation is seen as a virtual revolution).

    If SF takes c.20% in an Irish general election that would be an earthquake!


      • Yep. The economy is being hyped as improving (in part a case of perception over reality), FG is playing up the “safe hands” mantra, Labour are pleading to be the nescessary conscience of the ruling classes, FF are begging for votes from left, right and centre, the AAA, etc front is looking good, so yep, if SF translates dissatisfaction into a 20% vote or above that is a political earthquake no amount of right-wing media spin can downplay. c.20% is my personal litmus test for fireworks. Anything towards c.15% would be a more subdued party 😉

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  2. The SF results were good. No doubt could have done better but . . . . maybe the party had no resources to do more.
    We’ll see next time.
    Agree about your media comments Séamas – while local and Eu results were coming in NI people were informed Orangemen were dedicating a new Field – shows where their priorities lie!!


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