Twadell on my mind


The cost of policing a 10 month Loyalist protest camp at Twadell Avenue ,a north Belfast community interface , has topped £9 million

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Stormont’s justice minister Mr Ford told Stormont Assembly.
It really is time that the Twaddell camp went away and people accepted the determination of the Parades Commission and ceased putting pressure on the police service and allowed them to do the job they should be doing for every part of Northern Ireland.”
No unionist MLAs commented during the Assembly exchanges on the Twaddell costs.

Unionism will remain silent on this in the run up to the election, with the fear of losing votes.

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It is an embarrassment that this illegal demonstration by loyalists squatting on Housing Executive land has been allowed to go on at such an expense to the public purse.
Thanks to LAD here’s the latest news from the Twadell Camp

Why don’t the protesters go to court over this? If they are convinced and confident they are in the right, what have they to lose?



This is what Courts are for. 

Otherwise they are wasting public money and police resources

Query: Have they worked out how they’ll be able to march by Ardoyne on their way TO their July 12th festivities in a couple of months, when they’re claiming to have not yet got BACK from last year’s Big Day Out?

Will we see Twadell Mark II or III or even IV this coming July?


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