Stating The Problems

Spring is in the air

sectarianism in northern ireland


The 2014 Marching Season upon us

It seems wise to take stock of where we are in Northern Ireland and state our problems

1) Sectarianism

Sectarianism means anti-Catholics, anti-nationalists, anti- republicans . It does not mean anti-Catholicism, anti-Nationalism or anti-Republicanism because there are no on-going erudite debates about  theology or political theory

2) Racism

racism in northern ireland

Racism means anti-anyone from anywhere else except England and Wales, and possibly Scotland until we have the results of the Referendum. If Scotland votes YES, then the Scots will become targets

3) War Weariness
tired of the troubles in ni

At the time of the GFA/Belfast Agreement the majority of people in Northern Ireland was tired of the Troubles. And they still are

4) Disinterest in politics.

people in ni

Many people in Northern ireland have lost interest in politics because they see sectarianism remains, racism is on the rise and politicians focus on fanning the flames of both.

The Electoral Commission reaches out to voters in NI The Electoral Commission’s team of whistle-blowing referees brought parts of Northern Ireland to a standstill, showing unsuspecting shoppers the yellow card if they had failed to register to vote.

Query: So why are there all these problems?

a)Many people are averse  or totally oblivious to democracy  –  unrepentant former paramilitaries who still think their cause is great and who question the censorious practice of “democracy” that bans their ideas from the public decision-making forums. Most people do not vote for them.

b) Others are lethargic, disenchanted, cynical, and very suspicious of any reconstruction attempt

c) There are “searchers” and the “committed ones” who stepped forward, ready to discuss the future without giving up what they cherished as the valuable heritage of their historic past. Because they were not personally sure about the recent Troubles, these men and women submitted “to a slow process of self-examination,” painful as the experience was

d) The deniers

 “I don’t believe these things happened, not even under the old Stormont regime … because the things which I have read about are humanly impossible.”

e) The Loyal Orders: a self-perpetuating bigoted, elitist group,

They are apparently fundamentally significant in the determination of Northern Ireland affairs, at a level far behind and above that of the elected politicians. The influence and work of this group was explored in previous posts here like.

and here

Query: Anything else? 
 Class, sexuality, 

gender, religion


are used to keep people in their place.

No strategy is on hand to deal with these issues.

Dealing with sectarianism and racism would mean dealing with issues like flags, parading, etc which the Unionists i.e. the DUP, Orange Order, UVF etc are not up for.

Query: Why not?
Politicians would lose their jobs. An educated, informed electorate would not serve politicians as people would soon see through them.

Query: What’s the solution?

A real transformation of the collective thought, both socially and politically, seems essential

Query: How is that to be achieved?



                                                                                                         (to be continued)


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