New Take on the Boston Tapes

for all of you who missed the BBC Spotlight programme this week

And here is another view that was  was posted in a much longer form as a comment on Jude Collins’ website.. I have taken the liberty of editing and re-posting it simply because it is an independent, original  viewpoint.

I hope author  Paul Larkin and Jude don’t object to the changes and the pictures – I do like a nice pic in a post!

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It may be far-fetched.

You may be entering a
tin foil hatwhat if

here we go again


Though we didn’t know it at the time, the instigation of the Boston College oral history project signalled the launch of the GAL – the Get Adams League


the horror


Query: How did the Boston Belfast Project originate?


innovative ideas

paul bew 2
Paul Bew, Professor of Irish Politics at Queen’s University, Belfast.initiated it.

He referred to Gerry Adams as smelling like “rotten cabbage”

in his 2002 review  of Ed Moloney’s book

a secret history of the ira

which  Dr Anthony McIntyre, Boston Tape researcher,  reproduced  in The Blanket, a website he was running at the time.


Paul Bew is a central figure within the British establishment,patron of the Airey Neave Trust and signatory to the neo-conservative Henry Jackson principles. He   initiated
boston college
the Boston College oral history project according to  Ed Moloney and Boston College  in the preface of Ed Moloney’s book

voices from the grave


 Lord Bew strongly encouraged Boston College to document and archive the stories of paramilitaries who fought on both sides of the sectarian divide, known more popularly as the Troubles, because it was such a natural fit. (Voices From The Grave, Faber and Faber, 2010, p.1.)

In addition to Tom Hachey, Bob O’Neill, Patrick Keating, Anthony Mcintyre and Wilson McArthur, I would like to thank and credit a number of other people for their help in making this book possible … Professor, now Lord, Bew, whose support at the very outset of the project was crucial …’

Query: Why has  Ed Moloney now tried to downplay the importance of Paul Bew to the Boston project by asserting that Bew had simply been a

messinger boy
               ‘messenger boy’

2) Paul Bew appointed Ed Moloney to work on the project.

ed moloney

 “Mr. Bew recommended Mr. Moloney, an intense and seemingly fearless journalist who was not averse to risky projects. Having spent decades getting to know people on both sides of the conflict, he was in the process of writing A Secret History of the IRA, a behind-the-scenes look at how the organization had shifted from the gun to the ballot box in its quest for influence.’

3) He also appointed Anthony Mc Intyre because he had tutored him on his Queens doctorate which was entitled “Modern Irish republicanism: the product of British state strategies”


Boston College makes clear that they depended on Paul Bew’s advice for selecting the oral history team:

the boston 4


Mr. Hachey says he didn’t feel anyone on the campus had the necessary expertise. Although a number of faculty members studied Irish culture, history, and literature, he says, “I was looking for someone who was an unequivocal expert” on modern-day Northern Ireland. He relied on the advice of Mr. Bew, who not only had recommended Mr. Moloney but also had been Mr. McIntyre’s adviser at Queen’s.’

Queries :Why was there  no open recruitment for these positions? Neither Mr Molonet nor Dr McIntyre  had  credentials as historical researchers. Why were they appointed Director and Chief Interviewer? 

horror girl 2

4)Paul Bew and other background figures assessed the value of the interviews carried out by Anthony McIntyre and another researcher.  This key information is provided in Ed Moloney’s book

voices from the grave

Paul Bew, politics professor and senior political adviser to a Northern Ireland first minister, together with two historians who remain anonymous, assisted in an assessment of the information contained in the recorded interviews.’


In a blog from his Broken Elbow site, Ed Moloney,he tells us that “only one person, other than himself and Anthony McIntyre, has read the whole archive of the interview tapes and that was a US Federal Court judge.


William Young who heard the case seeking the dismissal of the PSNI subpoenas in December 2011.”

Queries: Why the discrepancy? If  Paul Bew and other anonymous historians  either assessed the transcripts or actually listened to the interview tapes that led to the arrest of Gerry Adams (according to the PSNI), why was Bew not interviewed by the PSNI?


5)Doubts arise about the quality of the interviews

kevin o neill


A former head of Irish studies at Boston College Kevin O’Neill
‘ had been asked by Mr. Hachey in early 2002 to review a couple of interview transcripts. He wrote a memorandum saying that he was impressed by their potential value to historians, but was very concerned that the interviewer didn’t appear to have much experience with oral-history methodology—asking leading questions, for example.’

Maybe Kevin O’Neill was mistaken? Not so according to Boston College. In an interview with US journalist Brook Gladstone, another Boston College figure, director of News and Public Affairs Jack Dunn, also accused McIntyre of having weak interview techniques:

The shame of it is that Anthony conducted the interviews with the IRA members and those who have heard the tapes said his work was very weak. Kevin O’Neill Boston College said that he was stunned by how leading the questions were.’ 

There is no reference to Paul Bew and the anonymous historians who assessed the tapes, ringing alarm bells about the standard of interviewing.

Query: Why did Bew (a well respected academic) not raise the alarm about the standard of interviewing and its possible bias on the part of Anthony McIntyre?

Anthony McIntyre, and Ed Moloney fiercely disputed Boston College’s criticism of their interview techniques and overall MO,

Queries: Was Dr McIntyre, an outspoken critic of Sinn Fein,   the wrong person for Paul Bew to pick for the sensitive job of interviewing the likes of former IRA people  were very bitter about Gerry Adams.  

Should Paul Bew  have ensured a broader spread of republican views?

Did Paul Bew make Moloney and McIntyre’s anti Adams bias clear to Boston College when recommending them?

What do Bew,Moloney and Mc Intyre have in common?

One core issue – dislike of Sinn fein!

Are we witnessing a new alignment within the strongly Unionist wing of British Establishment and Dissident republicans? With the sole aim of destroying Gerry Adams and Sinn Fein?

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Gaoth Dobhair
Mí Bealtaine 2014

Ben’s Comment

There’s a lot more evidence presented in  Paul Larkin’s post. As I said you can read it among the comments to Jude’s article here

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