May Day in Scotland
This May Day the progressive movement in Scotland can feel far more upbeat than in previous years. This year, a movement, crackling with ideas, innovation and talent is sweeping the country. The independence movement, because it is by its nature forward looking, is encouraging people to think about the possibility of a different future, outside of the neoliberal grip of Westminster failure.

english flag

May Day in England

cornish flag
May Day in Cornwall – still celebrating being recognized as an ethnic minority

cymru flag

May Day in Wales
a lengthy debate on the Wales Bill at Westminster yesterday  included devolving borrowing powers and some smaller tax powers to the Welsh Government, whether a referendum needs to be had on Income Tax etc and arguments over electoral systems
irish flag

May Day in Ireland. North and South
antrim pollice station

65-year-old Gerry Adams,  Member of the Dail, Parliament of the Irish Republic, leader of Sinn Fein, the only party that seriously threatens British rule in Ireland, was arrested yesterday  – three weeks before an election. He’s being held in Antrim Police Station

He is suspected of having been involved in the heinous murder and disappearance of a widow with 10 children – 42 years ago, when Northern Ireland was in flames.

Jean McConville

Mrs McConville was abducted from her home by individuals claiming to be the PIRA. This was reported to the RUC at Queen Street within hours; however the RUC refused to assist. This was again reported to Police daily throughout the months of December and January; however Police still failed to act. Justice Watch Ireland believe that this particular case demonstrates grave concerns regarding the RUC, PSNI and British Ministry of Defence’s systematic failures.
loyalist hoists fkag


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