No More Rule Britannia

John Warren wrote a great comment on

bella caledonia
Bella Caledonia about the CBI fiasco and its
about turn

Here are  some of his thoughts about Unionists everywhere in the UK, that are particularly apt for the ones  in Northern Ireland

The claim to be British is not a kind of

Union-flag ‘invisibility cloak’ that covers up bigotry, intolerance and racism. 

The ritual repetition of the
magic words2

“British” by ideological Unionists/Loyalists does not automatically render their opinion valid or ‘impartial’.Simply being “British” does not provide
special powers2
Unionists with any special ability or power. 

Unionists do not do consensus.


no consensus

This is Unionism’s deep and entrenched problem.

Unionists do not understand the complex, elaborate, consensual nature of the Union or what has actually held it together.
their Union is simple, naive and profoundly wrong-headed;

Unionists fail to understand the real nature of what they believe in.

Bewildered, frustrated and uncomprehending about what is happening to their unconsidered, confused, ill-thought-through verities; 
baden powell

Unionists have replaced argument with resentment; facts with accusations; debate with hectoring, power-sharing with power-dividing


Nevertheless it is worth remembering that modern Unionists are not to be blamed, but pitied.They have long outlived the world they yearn to inhabit. It does not exist; it probably never did.


But do read the whole article here

rule britannia

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