1914-2014: 100 years after the Larne gun running

Thousands of people have taken part in a parade in Larne to commemorate the Ulster Volunteer Force gun-running 100 years ago.

ulster is english

What were/are they Loyal to?

Certainly not Westminster Parliament, the UK  or the Empire, never the rights of the individual

Ulster will fight and Ulster will be right – how is that anything but incitement to rebellion?


In April 1914, with Europe on the brink of WWI, Loyalists consort with Germany

12 – 14,000 loyalists imported guns and ammunition from Hamburg, Germany in preparation to resist Home Rule for Ireland by force. Thousands of German and Austrian rifles and millions of rounds of ammunition were unloaded at the ports of Larne, Donaghadee and Bangor.
donaghdee gunrunning
The smuggled arms were intended to be used against the British government and Irish nationalists.

One of the centenary  parade’s organisers, Billy Adamson:

Rightly or wrongly, what we think about the politics of it, it shaped the province’s future.It marked an event in Northern Ireland’s history and it has been significant down through the years”.

The loyalist population have certainly been keen to remember their history and to commemorate it in this fashion.

Keen to remember they started 100 years of conflict, trouble and strife?
Keen to commemorate rebelling against the decisions of Westminster Parliament – which they say they say they are loyal to?
Happy to have “shaped the province’s future” into a travesty of democracy, unequalled anywhere else in the UK?

uvf gunmen
Now the Loyal Sons of Ulster attack women

margaret wright
1994: Margaret Wright, 31, was savaged, murdered and her body dumped in a wheelie bin on the Donegall Road because she was mistakenly believed to be a Catholic after going to a party

Jemma Mc Grath, 24 was shot by the UVF” said Chief Constable Matt Baggott
wee fenian
And in May last year a UVF mob launched a blood-spattered attack on two Protestant sisters and a Catholic friend because  the girl was a ‘wee fenian’.

They carry out racist attacks
racist target rumanians
no blacks
Police have the UVF has been orchestrating racist attacks in south and east Belfast and had contributed to an overall 70% rise in hate crime in Belfast.

psni badge
ACC Will Kerr said: “It has a deeply unpleasant taste of a bit of ethnic cleansing.”

Was it ever any different?

The burning of Bombay street was simply an anti-Irish pogrom,  where the loyal citizens  went on a murderous vandalistic rampage against the Irish people.




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