Oglach Liam Cymru – Our once and future King Billy was in the RA.

“William went to an aircraft factory where he revealed his passion for flying despite having left the IRA… sorry, the RAF.”

kate in green dress
And Kate wore a green coat-dress!!

Faith: Prince William left the IRA. Heard that this morning. Must be true the BBC said so.
Disbelief:Who would have known?
Horror: That’s shocking, I always thought it was Harry that was the Provie.

conspiracy alert

The Irish State Visit – Conspiracy views
*Prince Liam was Marty’s right hand man for years
*So that’s why McGuinness was over in London, to meet the Supreme Commander…all makes sense now,
*Liz has been a plant since her coronation
*That so-called Irish state visit was nothing more than an IRA leaving party for Prince William.
gone with the wind

Squadron Leaders McGuinness and Adams will be so proud
once and future king



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