UDA – Very British Terrorists


Last night Thursday 10th April: up to 50 masked men were involved in trouble in Carrickfergus.
A car was hijacked and set on fire in the Woodburn estate and barricades of burning rubbish were placed across the road during about three hours of disorder.
carrick disorder

Fri 11th – the 11th Night
psni badge
– A senior policeman has said loyalist paramilitaries are planning riots and attacks on officers in Carrickfergus
Intelligence suggests that petrol bombs bricks and other weapons are being gathered for a confrontation tonight. There are also rumours that young people associated with the paramilitary group are being instructed to get onto the streets.
The officer agreed with a statement that the south east Antrim UDA appeared to believe it was “in control” of the area, but added that police would “disabuse” the paramilitary group of that belief.
sammy wilson
DUP minister, Sammy Wilson
The criminal godfathers, are angry that the police have dared to arrest people suspected of being involved in the disorder in Larne two weeks ago.

Who are the UDA?


What happened in Larne 2 weeks ago?
Sunday 30 March Larne Rampage
A crowd of up to masked 100 loyalists, many wielding baseball bats and sledgehammers, attacked police, residents, homes and cars in Ferris Avenue and Knockdhu Park in Larne.
knockdhu park

UDA gang members engaged in hand-to-hand fighting with residents for up to 15 minutes

South East Antrim UDA destroyed three properties, attempting to set one alight with the occupants inside. One was in Ferris Avenue
ferris park
As dozens of masked thugs tore her neighbour’s home apart an elderly widowed pensioner curled into a ball and covered her ears
lady pensioner
There was just crashing and yelling, it was awful.I was closing my blinds when they just all started coming towards the house.I’ve lived here all of my life and I’ve never seen anything like it. It was like a horror film, I was terrified.”
girl runs upstairs
A 15-year-old girl in one of the houses was chased upstairs.
One mile away, at Knockdhu Park,
a man was beaten on the head with hammers as he fought to keep the gang from entering his home where a young child was present .

man attacked

oliver mcmullan
Oliver McMullan SF MLA.
“This attack tonight is the work of the South East Antrim Brigade and the UDA. At this present time the Police are battling to get the situation under control, the police have themselves been attacked and there is reports of shots been fired”
NB The houses attacked belonged to people from within the PUL community in a solid Loyalist area.
rwand b kerbs

take your pick
*6 arrests of UDA-linked individuals in the previous week. Charges: threats to kill, intimidation and criminal damage.
* 1 altercation involving 5 men in Larne on Saturday afternoon – which left 3 hospitalised. 2 brothers were confronted by 3 men in the town and a scuffle ensued. The brothers had refused to be driven from Larne by the UDA.Two arrests were made.
*Revenge by the UDA.
The brothers are now said to be considering moving from the area given the ferocity of Sunday’s incident.
What’s the link between Larne and Carrickfergus?
map carrick larne
Police blamed the south east Antrim UDA for attacking police, residents, homes and cars in Larne and said many of the loyalists had gathered in Carrickfergus before going to Larne to take part in the attacks.
What’s Larne like?
It’s a thoroughly dilapidated and depressing town that looks like it has been in a state of urban decay for many decades.
Educational underachievement, unemployment and poverty propel many young working class Protestants into the ranks of these Loyalist paramilitary organisations,
larne gunrunning
where they seek power, status and some sense of purpose and meaning, thus sustaining sectarianism, paramilitarism and a criminal sub-culture.
These gangsters have total control over many working class Loyalist communities. And unfortunately apart from a brave few ordinary people
the rest are so terrified of these gangsters that they get away with it.



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