Arrested For Speaking Irish In Europe’s Darkest Corner

in Northern ireland Nationalists still struggle to gain equality socially and culturally.
They are suspected and persecuted because of
*the language they speak(as this post shows),

*the clothes they wear (
gaa games
jim allister
Jim Allister (TUV) said there are too many students wearing Gaelic sports tops at the University of Ulster at Jordanstown. These GAA tops remind unionist students of just how many young nationalists/republicans there are in the institution. And so they say they feel intimidated.
belfast hurlers
*the games they play

Any news on when this hostility on so many levels is likely to end?

Will Mr McGuinness bring “the end to hostility” back from Windsor?


No blacks, no dogs, no Irish No blacks, no dogs, no Irish

The President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins, is on an official state visit to Britain, the first by an Irish head of state in some nine decades of independence. This follows the first official visit by Britain’s head of state, Elizabeth II, to Ireland and is yet another step in the ongoing choreography of the “Peace Process”, a process that continues to dominate the news headlines at home and abroad (even if most of the British media prefer to ignore it, unable to come to terms with peace in Ireland when war without end seemed so much more easier to digest). However just how far has this process actually progressed? The Irish Nationalist community in the north-east of our island nation continues to suffer levels of discrimination in employment and the provision of public services far above its Unionist rival. Despite the perception…

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