Irish State Visit to the UK

How did you feel? Are we there?


8 thoughts on “Irish State Visit to the UK

  1. those three german-transylvanian friends of jimmy savile were probably wondering why didnt the band play that great shoulder to shoulder anthem they heard at twickenham last month. ah well, next time maybe.


  2. nice to hear from you Grouch – welcome here. You seem to agree with Willie. Care to discuss what’s under the surface? Is there something linked to what Willie says about 600 years suffering apparently swept under the carpet?


  3. thank you for ur welcome benmadigan, i like gud manners, i think our and the land herself’s suffering started with her namesake elizabeth the first. Back then we were gaelic mofos who were one of the maddest mightiest tribes on the earth. now we are a bunch of english speaking bullshitters who have sold our country to the lowest bidder. im one of a handful of gaels left who want the brits and the irish out of my country. theyre all wasters. i like ur site. gud on u man.


  4. Thanks for the compliments Grouch . I’m glad to hear you like the site and hope to hear from you on other posts. One remark you made was very interesting “sold our country to the lowest bidder”. I haven’t written about this apart from advising people to hold on to their homes
    but am glad to see I am not the only one to be concerned about farmlands, estates and houses big and small being sold to people who are only interested in making a profit out of them.


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