Stormont Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?

carsons statue at stormont
For all of you who missed The View last night

Note the references to “Sinn Fein’s economic crankery and illiteracy ” –
nice one
bearing in mind educational standards among the Protestant working class in Northern Ireland
grasp the nettle
And here’s

Martin Mc Guinness this morning
and the Sinn Fein Minister for Education repeats the message
Can we just refer you to back what we have already said?
The whole story’s here!

Interestingly even the Belfast Newsletter agrees with us
If London can take decisions but Stormont cannot, why have Stormont?

something new
Time for Interim Joint Sovreignty



6 thoughts on “Stormont Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?

  1. how do you have interim joint sovereignty? The GFA at least in theory has a possible good bye see you later for Britain in a referendum if it goes a certain way and if they except the result. interim joint sovereignty how does it end?


  2. It would serve to save money by removing the Stormont assembly which is not working, end violence from both sides and safeguard British people in NI as they gradually got used to feeling secure in a new dispensation. It would end when institutions (police, education, health service, pensions, civil service, taxation, roads and transport regulations etc) were integrated and the people could vote for unity in a referendum with no risk of violent or dangerous consequences . It would last as long as needed


  3. i think it would be a new status quo to be defended by unionists, just like every other one, and would last fairly long, post a shift in demographs if the british choose, suppose it comes down to do they really have no selfish economic or strategic interest in ireland or are they just saying that. If a majority profess to want a united ireland i am not sure how they would jump through a ‘interim joint authority hoop’ if london says no, Dublin has been unable to persuade the british government to leave up to now why would that change. For the last century britains claim to a part of ireland has been on the basis that a majority in a region wish it. A few more years that argument has the potential to be destroyed, it may not, some nationalists may be happy where they are, and if thats the case so be it but it won’t be on the basis of shenanigans or jerry rigging. personally as bad as the GFA is think that referendum is the only show in town, but close stormount down maybe not mush odds.


  4. Shea – interesting point of view.
    I just want to make one thing clear – I do not envisage joint authority as happening after the referendum but before –
    I agree the GFA and the promise of a referendum is the only show in town – nobody wants a return to violence. The people north and south showed that when they voted for the GFA but the GFA has never been properly implemented(see other posts)
    Already today teresa villiers the NI SOS is saying Stormont could fall unless it creates an opposition (seems impossible) and the coalition Government in London would not take the decision for them
    if there is no progress at stormont – there will be a dangerous void in governance unless there is interim joint authority. No one wants Direct Rule again only from Westminster so there you have it – the only alternative that has never been attempted!! – which should theoretically pacify extremists on both sides
    Whether the UK really wants to leave northern ireland only they know but I am inclined to think/believe/hope they want out
    I think the Scottish vote in September will be a major game-changer


  5. A sir Humphrey voice in my head there after reading that line went ‘the government in london are going to take the decision’

    Yeah win or loose scotland is going to be interesting. I have no reason to believe the british are lieing on having no selfish economic or strategic interest in remaining in Ireland but i have no reason to believe they are telling the truth either. That position may lead to me predicting cul de sacs that are not there but good to see a place where the details are taught out, for some reason it seems to be rear outside cups of tea and kitchen tables, all the best.


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