April Fool? Orange Order Seeks to Embarrass America

Haven’t seen you for a long time! How’s about ye?

blind orangemen
have i got news for you
We’ve demanded a meeting with the American Consulate in Belfast
who's we
orangemen in bowlers
The Orange Order
We’ve had some “alarming revelations“.
What were they? Who did you get the news from?
het team
The Historical Enquiries Team told us 149 of the 266 weapons used in the killings of Orangemen could be traced back to the America.
us weaponry
So we claim that the majority of weapons used to murder our members during the Troubles were from the US
And we’ve demanded to see the Consul.
stars and stripes
It’s a serious matter. So it is. The American Government owes us an explanation. It’s an embarrassing situation for them. They risk losing all credibility in the war against terrorism worldwide. So they do
I see. And what did the US Embassy say?
They were awfully nice, very polite.
come in
They said they would be pleased to hear our concerns first-hand”
Yes, really.
Look it says here
We look forward to discussing with the Orange Order the broad range of issues facing the people of Northern Ireland, including ways to further advance peace and community relations”.

Does it indeed?



4 thoughts on “April Fool? Orange Order Seeks to Embarrass America

  1. Where did all the guns and ammo the UVF and UDA used to murder almost a thousand innocent victims come from ? South Africa and Canada is the answer apart from the weapons that walked out of RUC stations and UDR bases of course.

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    • Thanks for commenting Hobo- yes, indeed. The orange order is so self-centred – Nobody , but nobody counts except them. And even though they don’t believe in saints they are obviously convinced they are saints.
      The “mote, beam , eye,” message in the Bible certainly fell on a stony wayside with this crowd!
      See the spider’s web at the end of the post?
      come into my parlour” said the US to the flea!!
      are they setting themselves up for a long, long “Fall from (the orangeman’s) Paradise” with this move?


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