Loyalist Sectarian Murders – Any Catholic Will do

This blog has often shown that

*Loyalists feel they have the right to kill Catholics with impunity

*reports dating from the distant and recent past show magistrates and security forces colluded in exonerating them of their crimes

“yabba, dabba doo, any Taig will do”

‘.’ udauff

This slogan stood as a dark warning that killing any Irish Catholic was legitimated. The group that coined the slogan – the Ulster Defence Association – were filled with the ranks of Northern Irish policemen, guided in the shadows by British intelligence and protected from prosecution by the British state. Some remain protected to this day.

orange soldiers

What happens when one Loyalist murderer is found guilty and serves at least some of his sentence?

billy hutchinson.2 jpg

Shankill Road man Billy Hutchinson(born 1955) was a member of the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) and the founder of their youth wing the Young Citizen Volunteers (YCV).In 1974, Mr Hutchinson and UVF youth member Thomas Winstone shot two Catholic half-brothers , Michael Loughran and Edward Morgan, as they walked along the falls Road to work.


Hutchinson pleaded guilty to murder and was sentenced to life imprisonment. Whilst in prison he was an on and off  UVF leader until his release in 1990 after serving 16 years

yabba dabba doo, any taig will do.’

The victims had been selected at random

The judge told Mr Hutchinson and his co-accused:

They were cold-blooded murders” who had “set out and toured Belfast looking for victims”

. billy hutchinson

This week Billy Hutchinson, now leader of the Progressive Unionist Party (PUP), attempted to claim that the two men he murdered had links to the IRA and so were not totally innocent. He said that  their deaths at his hands helped prevent a united Ireland. “no regrets in terms of my past because I believe that I contributed to preventing a united Ireland”.

Query: will this declaration provide a justification among Loyalists for the deeds of “heroes” like Michael Stone, Lenny Murphy,Johnny Adair et al

 “Do you regret having killed two working-class Catholics on their way to earn a living?” my view is that I was fighting a war and I fought it. I can’t turn the clock back. My view is that the IRA left me with no option.

Comment: It’s their fault. They made me do it.

Do you really believe that you were left with no option but to shoot two people on their way to work?“

The IRA left me no option but to carry out the tactics that we had; the IRA weren’t in the back of Land Rovers with uniforms on and the UVF had a very clear policy at one stage that they would drive the IRA out of the community. The strategy didn’t work, but it certainly drove them out later on whenever they started killing members of Sinn Fein and the IRA.”

A cousin of Hutchinson’s victims responded 

Here’s what he wrote:

I’ve often wondered why Billy Hutchinson has never spoken about what he, as an 18-year-old, did to my cousins on that clear, sharp October morning in 1974. Now I know. He’s still stuck in his world of victimhood as much as he was when he was jailed, when my father – a man proud of his WWII medals – was in court to hear the self-pitying cry of ‘my only crime was loyalty’.

No, Billy. It was murdering Catholics. For being Catholics.

The morning you turned your car round to drive down the Falls and kill them is as clear now for me as it was 40 years ago. My cousins were labourers, as was their father. They wanted to get a black taxi down the Falls but there was only room for one. The father got in and they walked.

You killed them because they were there. You’d have shot their father, a Protestant, as well if he had been with them.

I had just turned 12 and was sitting in a huge new school when I was taken out of class to see my father, waiting in the school office. I spent the next two days watching thousands of people, young and old, come through the open door of my granny’s tiny living room in a terrace house off the Springfield Road where my cousin Eric had lived.

A few albums on a shelf (Tubular Bells at the front), a pile of Military Modelling magazines, a box of paints and miniscule brushes for painting tiny pewter Napoleonic figures for war games – and that was it; all he left.

And the sobbing, the uncontrollable sobbing, of my father bent over his coffin in front of thousands in a packed St Paul’s on the morning of the burial, that brought embarrassment to a selfish 12-year-old boy. I have the bus token and the few coins he had in his pocket from that morning. I have the pewter figures, painted by a solitary man who wanted to escape from the world around him.

I’ve been back to Cupar Street and Bombay Street to see their names on the memorial. They aren’t in the republican section, Billy. There were no death notices, flags or paramilitary displays – then or since – because there was no reason to have them there. The “intelligence” you speak of; was it simply one or both of them looked familiar? Maybe you had burnt them out of their house a few years before?

Was it the same intelligence that everyone who was a taig was a Provie?

The same “intelligence” that Gusty Spence, a relative of my father, had used in 1966 to do just what you did that clear, sharp October morning?

The idea that any taig will do, Billy? Well it won’t. The IRA didn’t kill them, Billy. You did. And it is you who has to live with that.

‘The UVF has never sought to hide the fact that its campaign was aimed at subjecting the nationalist community to a level of violence that would instil fear and terror in members of that community. Many volunteers believed that there was a price to be paid for the IRA’s campaign of terror and that price was being paid by the community that gave birth to, and nurtured, the IRA. It was a harsh and ruthless strategy that was dictated by the nature of the conflict. It dehumanised members of the nationalist community and reduced them to the status of scapegoats who were forced to suffer vicariously for the sins of its “secret army”. There is no way that that strategy can be dressed up in fancy military terms to make something that was horrible look good. The objective was simple – subject the nationalist community to an oppressive force of violence as retribution for republican violence.’

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2 thoughts on “Loyalist Sectarian Murders – Any Catholic Will do

  1. Welcome Joe I agree with your comment and the video of what Billy says confirms it. Although some Loyalist killers are reported to have repented, I would say there are many others like Billy- not as well known, not as prominent in NI politics – but still there. I invite you to have a look at https://eurofree3.wordpress.com/2014/03/12/licence-to-kill/


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