This St Patrick’s Day – Be Inspired

Greetings to all readers and visitors. Celebrate being Irish on St Patrick’s Day, remembering  the first St. Patrick’s Day parade didn’t occur in Belfast until 1998

Even today all Unionists can say is

“Fly the Union Flag every day “

Meanwhile over in the USA President Obama said

  I know that the good influence coming from Dublin will help to encourage that to move out of the past and get the kind of history that – or the kind of future that Northern Ireland so richly deserves.”


Mr Biden, Vice- President remarked . “All-party talks were established to help work through  painful and difficult issues, those talks were chaired by Richard Haass,


a man respected by everyone in Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland and the United States.”

But not by the Orange Order and the Unionists who still say

what part no

Some of us will be very interested to read Dr Haass’s own recommendations when published soon, other than seven drafts produced to satisfy perennially inflexible participants who will never be satisfied by anything but a return to the past.Still not realizing that


PS  U.S. House Speaker John Boehner has invited Pope Francis to become the first spiritual leader ever to address the members of the U.S. parliament. He hasn’t invited Ian Paisley – no doubt remembering his disgraceful behaviour at the EU parliament


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