Licence to Kill

Dr Haass said NI was not remotely like a “normal society”

janus face

That’s because the political myths and symbols of Northern Ireland were solely Protestant. The Union is intended to preserve “Protestantism “ and ‘Britishness’

An attack on one is an attack on the other.


Republicans who challenge the legitimacy of the British state in Northern Ireland are, in this view, really attacking Protestants

Therefore Loyalists think they have a Licence to Kill Catholics

In the 1920 riots, James Craig told the Protestant workers who drove 6,000 Catholic workers from their workplaces that

I agree with the actions you boys have taken in the past

Protestant workers thus felt morally sanctioned to indulge in an orgy of violence in 1922 and any time later that they felt like it

the victim was ‘a Roman Catholic and therefore liable to assassination’. Anthony Brutus Babington NI attorney general and chief law officer (1925-37)

billy wright

‘King Rat’, a Loyalist in Portadown who was connected with the Loyalist Volunteer Force allegedly killed a Queen’s graduate, Michael McGoldrick, in response to Drumcree because he was the nearest available Catholic”.

horror girl 2
July 1997: Bernadette Martin was a young Catholic with a Protestant boyfriend. She occasionally slept at his house in an overwhelmingly Protestant village. Bernadette was killed in the dead of night, with four bullets pumped into the back of her head, simply because she threatened the Protestantness of the village.


She was invading space and territory . Her murderers were Loyalists supposedly already under a ceasefire


Anti-Catholicism in Northern Ireland operated at the levels of ideas, behaviour and the social structure. It shaped society until Direct Rule and it still does. Unionists reject the Haass proposals and a Code of Conduct for Orange marches.
The Ardoyne and Drumcree parades should be allowed to complete their routes

The Union flag should fly every day in Belfast and on designated days as a minimum elsewhere

het team

The historical Enquiries team, discredited by HM Inspectorate, should be restarted but overseen by the Association of Chief Police Officers. Let’s not forget one case about police officers

robert hamill

1997: Mr Robert Hamill, 25-year-old Catholic father-of-three, was beaten to death by a loyalist mob in Portadown, County Armagh.  Four armed RUC officers sitting  in a

rucf landrover

parked at the scene of the assault  were accused of standing by and failing to intervene . One is alleged to have told a suspect to
destroy the clothes you were wearing on the night of the attack
He was arrested in 2003 on suspicion of perverting the course of justice. The case was dropped by the PPS
2014: That decision has just been reviewed but does little to change the view that in Northern Ireland, the history of the RUC dictates that the members are above the law when it is directly or indirectly responsible for the murder of Catholics. Remember most RUC members also took an oath to the OO, and various other clandestine pro unionist organisations.
It is hard to imagine how intelligent humans are able to build up enough hate to justify killing basically innocent men, women, and children. Sometimes the hate is so intense that people are not just quickly killed but brutally destroyed through torture

or “inhumane treatment”



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