Peter Robinson and the OTRs

barking dog

I’ve refrained from commenting on the whole sorry incident for various reasons, not the least because of Mr Robinson’s attitude and behaviour.

Like a nagging spouse
nagging 2

demands then came rolling in for Mr Downey to call off his homecoming party

no killa no party

which he did, taking the stick out of the nagger’s hands
Comment: A continual dripping on a rainy day and a quarrelsome wife are alike Proverbs 27:15 

Do the DUP  know how to behave any differently? Years of conditioning

paisley 4

are bound to have taken their toll on their reactions, initiative and brainpower

dup banner

The DUP make  life more difficult than it should be
no other point of view

They just don’t know how to relate to Catholics/Nationalists/Republicans in ways that create synergy, harmony, and productivity.


They don’t listen well and cannot see the CNR point of view.


DUP can’t step out of their own heads and hearts enough to even grasp the CNR point of view, much less agree with it or see that it has some validity.

culture shock

They don’t adapt to the requirements of the job. Their personality patterns are so rigid 

no discussion

they don’t /can’t adapt  to what the culture of the GFA/Belfast Agreement requires.

They are endlessly confrontational

.endlessly confrontational

They never change because those troublesome behaviours and attitudes run deep in their character

difficult people


4 thoughts on “Peter Robinson and the OTRs

    • Thanks Willie. The Mirror goes international!
      A very good translation and a welcome attempt to raise awareness of what is going on in NI/are wee pravince/the occupied 6/!!!
      many thanks and much appreciation for all you have done


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