No, No, No Great Beautification

giro d'italia

May 9-11 2014: G I R O   D’I T A L I A

More than 200 of the world’s best cyclists will take part with the  Grand Partenza stage  in Northern Ireland. A television audience of 800 million is expected to tune in.

Alliance MLA Anna Lo called for all the flags to be taken down along the routes and paramilitary murals to be painted over

anna lo

Funding will be made available in towns along the route to improve the image of eyesores such as derelict buildings but I have a bigger problem with images of paramilitary gunmen
antrim uvf
Do we really want these images to be visible on the route when millions of people will be watching the race on television?

peter osborne

Peter Osborne, former Parades Commission chairman, now chairman of the Community Relations Council,  is from a Protestant working class background in East Belfast’s Ballybeen estate.


 “In my case you can take the boy out of Ballybeen but you will never take Ballybeen out of the boy,”

loyalist ballybeen
We all know that murals and flying flags on lamp posts can be intimidating and used to mark out territory.While welcoming the idea of removing murals and flags from lamp posts on the route of the Giro d’Italia, it does remind me of a dysfunctional family who want to hide their behaviour when visitors come calling.I understand why there are calls to remove the flags and emblems and murals on the race route. Something is better than nothing.But for many people these things are an everyday reality not just on the route of the Giro d’Italia.

fleg and apra mural

Ms Lo “The Giro d’Italia provides us with a great opportunity to show that Northern Ireland has moved beyond the politics of the past”

Query: Wishful thinking, Anna?

facebook threats
Anna Lo’s comments were met with a racist and sectarian backlash from loyalists who posted vile messages regarding Ms Lo on Facebook and Twitter.
paisley 4

sammy wilson

DUP MP Sammy Wilson described any suggestions of removing Union flags from lampposts as folly” – and claimed such a move could spark civil disorder.”

understand threat
For Anna Lo to suggest that the police would go into communities and start removing Union flags, which have been erected by communities, is a recipe for injured police officers and days of unrest. This proposal is ill-considered.”


DUP Enterprise Minister Arlene Foster
if the murals were not of a paramilitary nature they should remain to celebrate cultural heritage

She did not address the question of flags.

Queries: How long are we going to leave the flags and paramilitary murals on the gable walls?

Why do Unionist spokesmen make threats when  people ask  to bring those flags down and whitewash the murals?

How long are the people in Northern Ireland going to tolerate this state of affairs?

spacer lad

willie race


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