Sunday Afternoon Interlude – Roll of Honour


hands over ears

Unionists are calling for a ban


Yeah, remember the last time last month

But that ban was overturned. What’s it about this time?

An Irish rebel song commemorating the IRA hunger strikers

Why are the Unionists interested in a rebel song?

Because the Roll Of Honour celebrates the lives of 10 republicans who died at the Maze Prison. It now sits 29th in the UK Top 40 Singles chart

If it gets into the Top 20 it will be played on the BBC
Make it happen. Download, sing-along, repeat.
A BBC source: “We believe it would be wrong to ban the song outright as free speech is an important principle and a ban would only give it more publicity.

NB:No Detail is Too Small in the DUP/Orange Order Quest for Total Control and Hegemony

Update:The BBC has angered unionists in Northern Ireland. Radio 1 presenter Jameela Jamil played the instrumental intro and the first two lines of the song.

Meanwhile back at the LAD site

And in case you missed their Christmas hit!


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