Over-reacting, Exaggerating, Out of Proportion

robinsonFIRST Minister Peter Robinson


robbo with gun

said the Provisional IRA carried out “genocide” in Border areas of Fermanagh during the Troubles

So what is genocide?
1. the deliberate and systematic extermination of a racial or national group. the killing of an entire people or of a very large number of a people.

sinn fein

Councillor Barry Doherty

Not for Photosales

reminded us that throughout the 30 odd years of the Troubles

111 people lost their lives in Fermanagh

That’s 111 too many but it is not genocide.”

This was the lowest death toll in any Northern County.


During a six year period over 48,000 people died in Fermanagh as a direct result of famine era policies”.

That figure seems closer to genocide, doesn’t it?

Normal people would say Mr Robinson was making a mountain out of a molehill

University of Minnesota researcher


Vladas Griskevicius, marketing professor at the Carlson School of Management, has three words to explain why: aggression, status and sex.

Catholics/Nationalists/Republicans “merely activating a desire for status can trigger aggression. Aggressive displays, which may result in enhanced status, indirectly boost an individual’s ability to attract a mate and, thereby, reproduce”.
iris 3
Think of it this way,” said Griskevicius, “For men, fighting for status is akin to fighting for the survival of their genes. Not caring about status, which can be implied by backing away from a fight, can be evolutionary suicide. Aggression can lead to status. A higher status leads to sex, and that leads to more or higher-quality offspring.”
Peter, iris and
                       Iris – where are you?

Men are especially likely to respond aggressively when there are other men around to watch the situation, suggesting that much of aggression is about display, rather than self-defense.
So who is this DUP  peacock displaying his tail to?


The Orange Order, UVF, Protestant Coalition?
Comment:  In a peacock’s mother-of-pearl tail, precisely arranged hairline grooves reflect light of certain wavelengths. That’s why the resulting colors appear different depending on the movement (who’s watching it and the standpoint)





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