The British Army Military Reconaissance Force (MRF) and The New Lodge 6


You watched the Pamorama programme
Some people have been putting 2 and 2 together,
2 and 2
coming up with the same answer as families of the New Lodge 6 victims.

They have long maintained that the massacre was a joint operation by Loyalist paramilitaries and the British army, acting on the direction of the Military Reconnaisance Force (MRF) later to be known as the Force Research Unit (FRU).
In fact, the tactics described by the MRF men have a chilling similarity to the events surrounding the deaths of the New Lodge Six on February 3rd-4th 1973

What exactly happened?
At 11.00 pm a car sped out of Hallidays Road from Loyalist Tiger’s Bay. Its occupants opened fire with a machine gun
men outside pub
on a group of men standing outside Lynch’s Bar at the junction of the New Lodge Road and Antrim Road. Two men were killed
Volunteers James McCann and James…

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