Orange Fatwa against learning Irish at a ‘civil rights’ protest

twadell camp2
Twadell Avenue: Orangeman George Chittick warns Protestants not to learn Irish.

See also for the series “A bigot and his bigotted comments talking Chitt”

What right does this super-deluded, super-inflated “Belfast County Grand Master”
have to dictate what academic or leisure choices people make?.
Maybe he’s annoyed about the new Irish language centre that opened in east Belfast (Loyalist stronghold until it voted Alliance) to cope with an increasing number of learners.
turas centre
The Turas centre, based in the Skainos building on the Newtownards Road, houses a classroom, offices and a library/social area.

Maybe he thinks Protestants shouldn’t learn anything apart from what the Orange Order approves so that they will stay stuck in 1690 –
forever and always
Did no one ever tell him
no forever
George Chittick said he was misquoted.
george chittick
What he actually said was
A word of warning to Protestants who go to school to learn. No. Don’t do school, kids. Education is part of the Fenian agenda. Sinn Fein/IRA are infiltrating our schools and indoctrinating our children
In fact the Protestant Coalition has just intimidated a teacher out of her job. SF Councillor
sinn fein
25-year-old Catherine Seeley,
catherine Seeley
who sits on Craigavon Borough Council and teaches at
boys model
in north Belfast, was subjected to online abuse after her political affiliation became known.
Threatening graffiti was daubed close to the school telling her to quit her post.
taigs out
willie frazer.jpg-w=610
Willie Frazer condemned threats made against the teacher, but said “her role at the school should be “looked at” because of her political views“.
The Protestant Coalition’s website states it is an anti-politics, political party” whose priority is “the empowerment of the PUL (Protestant Unionist Loyalist) community”.
It’s enough to make
laughing cat
Trying to ban plays like
bible poster
because it was ‘blasphemous’ really empowers the PUL
Typical joke in the play:
Good news – I got Him down to only 10. Bad news – No adultery is still in there!”
amnesty logo
had to be wheeled in to say “the cancellation of the play interfered with freedom of speech” which “could only be restricted “in limited circumstances”.
The ‘artistic board’ of Newtownabbey council backtracked quickly
Here’s what other Protestant Unionists think of this type of behaviour


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