God is not only Protestant, he is an Ulsterman and a member of the Orange Order

Ian  Paisley dominated hardline unionism and his dual role as political and religious leader provided a controversial combination of anti-nationalism and anti-Catholicism.  Paisley used both religious and political intransigence as a means to further his own career. He is one of the most vicious anti-Catholic hate mongers and is implicated by the actions of his own followers in conspiring to deprive Catholics of their lives, rights and property

3)Paisley and Catholics- Stormont’s Rottweilwer
June 17, 1959: Hearing that an Italian ice-cream parlour
had opened on Belfast’s Shankill Road, Paisley addressed a local meeting at a Belfast rally, he publicly chastised “the men of the Shankill for allowing papists, pope’s men, and papishers” to live on the Shankill Rd.
‘You people of the Shankill Road, what’s wrong with you? Number 425 Shankill Road – do you know who lives there? Pope’s men, that’s who – Italian Papists on the Shankill Road]
Angry crowds went to the addresses called out by Paisley, burned out the occupants and looted their homes.
burning belfast houses

May 1968: during the height of the Civil Rights movement in Northern ireland, Paisley addressed a mob of 500 loyalists and burned a photograph of Prime Minister O’Neil who was shown to be visiting a Catholic convent the week before. After inciting loyalists to burn Catholic families out of their homes,
burning belfast houses
the Rev. Paisley explained the problem to the press: His exact words were
your fault
Catholic homes caught fire because they were loaded with petrol bombs; Catholic churches were attacked and burned because they were arsenals and priests handed out sub-machine guns to parishioners; and the massive discrimination in employment and shortage of houses for Catholics were simply because they breed like “rabbits” and multiply like “vermin
Believing catholics to be a lesser race justified their maltreatment. Often a Paisley sermon would be followed by
belfast violence
an orgy of protestant violence which perpetrators believed righteous.
Neither political nor legal authorities intervened to curb Paisleyite provocation for the simple reason that he served the cause of Unionism so perfectly. Stormont’s power was all the more secure with Paisley as its Rottweiler
February 13th 1966: Together with Noel Doherty Paisley started the Protestant Telegraph,
a publication promoting anti-Catholic and anti-nationalist virulence. It was noted for its Protestant fundamentalism and its attacks on the Roman Catholic Church, the Church of Ireland and the moderates within the Ulster Unionist Party, as typified by Terence O’Neill
The Protestant Telegraph missed no opportunity to report on the “Roman”hovels of the Lower Falls.
falls street
One report told of “squalid” and “verminous” housing and conditions so vile that an Inspector
inspector 2
”overcome by the stench of a room being used as an open lavatory”had to receive medical attention.
your fault
“The great unwashedis an epithet applied hygienically and spiritually to the inhabitants of the Lower Falls” the article concluded.
James Chichester-Clark spoke in Parliament about the Protestant Telegraph “in terms of abuse and in terms of ridicule, in terms of language which I can only describe as disgusting, perhaps at times the hon. Gentleman has given equal treatment. He has given equal treatment of a kind which has been accorded not only to the religion of the minority but, as I have said, to most of those who have been working and striving for peace over the years in Northern Ireland, no matter what religion they belong to“, HOME AFFAIRS, Hansard, 3 July 1970
1986: William Beattie, a loyal lieutenant of Rev. Paisley, addressed a DUP Youth Group after the Anglo-Irish Accord
anglo-irish agreement
was signed by the Dublin and London governments: “We must hire assassins to kill Catholics and pay them when the job is done.”
billy wright
stone uff
1997: Posters were displayed in Belfast near a Loyalist area saying that Loyalist people have ‘tolerated long enough the nationalist scum that have flooded into the area due to the unscrupulous behaviour of greedy landlords’.
Do you know who lives next door to you’, the poster asked, and it went on to warn that it is ‘unwise to have a nationalist as a neighbour and even worse to befriend them’.
As from 12 noon on the 1 July 1997,’ the poster read, ‘the Loyalist people will no longer be able to guarantee the safety of any nationalist
wounded in belfast
who chooses to remain within the area, nor can they guarantee the safety of any property where nationalists are dwelling.

(to be continued)
burning belfast houses



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