1983 Great Escape from the Maze/Long Kesh

Just in case you missed this account of the biggest prison break-out in Europe since the Second World War.

Belfast republican Larry Marley was one of the key planners of the escape, although not part of the actual break-out. He was shot dead by the UVF at his home in 1987.

You might also want to read Gerry Kelly’s own story “The Escape”

gerry kelly book
which he wrote to mark the 30th anniversary. He described his book as “a good yarn”, saying it “contains new previously unpublished detail, personal stories and revelations.

The escape could not have happened without the hunger strike, After the loss of ten comrades and friends, republicans did what we have always done and looked at the situation to see who we could move forward,” he explained

Mr Kelly said the escape was a major propaganda coup for the republican movement. “It was great to get out but it was for a purpose. It was part of the wider Smash H-Block campaign,” he said.
When re-captured and back in the jail, 4 escapees were mercilessly beaten by the prison officers for half an hour before a prison governor began to re-establish control.
The Prison Officers’ Association were not happy with the book
ni prison officer
I don’t think it’s something he should be proud of – that he shot a prison officer in the head in an attempt to escape. I’ll not be buying his book, put it like that.”Finlay Spratt, chairman,who joined the Prison Service in 1976
NB Mr Kelly was acquitted of the charge but that doesn’t count

The DUP/Orange Order were not happy.
DUP MLA Jonathan Craig,
member of the Apprentice Boys of Derry and a member of the Orange Order.
orange gloves
which he declares on his Register of Interests sits on the Policing Board with Mr Kelly. He said the book “undermined” his role on the board.

And his membership of the Orange Order doesn’t?



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