Disbanded – An Orangeman’s Cri de Coeur

OrangeMan back
What’s on your mind?
It’s all over for us.
end of the age
The Orange was my life
What am I supposed to do now?
What you always did. You were involved in Orange charity associations – well the State has replaced a lot of them but you can always help out with lots of other associations-
cancer research
the homeless,
homeless family
hospices for the terminally ill -whatever you want

There’d be Taigs in them. I’d have to associate with the other sort
yes of course
The other side don’t count. What about our bands?
orange obsession
They can learn new tunes and become village bands
village band

But Taigs could join in then. We’d have to learn their sort of songs
yes of course
Orange Nightmare
And our parades. Our Grandmaster said “there will be no more Orange Parades”
orange march
They were more marches than parades
but there may be
local festival
local festivals,
pageants and so on. With the bands
Themmuns would be involved
yes of course
There would be no marching
No but you could walk along the High Street with all the others, wave to the people watching, smile at them, have a good time,
feel part of a group of people in the town that everyone appreciates
We do that anyway
Not everyone appreciates your sectarianism and triumphalism.
no orange
You’re a tiny minority of 2%
in the NI population and you create a lot of havoc. And you know that.
And what about the twelfth?
Well it’s got a bad reputation. I told you that.
But there could be a big parade of everybody that contributes to life in NI. You know like ambulance crews,
red cross nurse
firefighters, teachers, social workers,lifeboat rescue personnel,
girl guides
Scouts, sportsmen, academics, police, anybody really. Modern and in historical costumes. Whatever people wanted

But taigs would be in there with the rest of us?
yes of course
You wouldn’t exhaust yourselves marching to the Field and back.
orange march
You could have a picnic in some nice park in Belfast or in your hometown
picnic in the park
relax and enjoy the day, no hostilities, no problems, no sermons. If you want speeches
well I am sure some uplifting speeches can be made about how NI has changed for the better and how we are all going to make it a better place for all. All over in a morning or afternoon.
Shop owners would welcome that changed atmosphere and so would
real tourists
tourists and everybody else that lives here

And Schomberg House?
schomberg House
Turn it into a museum and historical resource centre. It looks like one anyway.I’m sure it will get lots of visitors.
You’re right about that. They have already announced major redevelopment works at Schomberg House.They say they are going to turn it into a new world-class interpretative centre.They say the new museum will display a wealth of items and artefacts relating to the history of the Orange tradition around the world. It will include a research facility and will act as an educational resource, with particular emphasis on schools and cross-community visits. So it looks like they really are going to disband.
orange grand masters
And our Grandmaster and Worshipful Masters?
Like they said “they all return to a normal private life“. No more delusions of self-styled titles
And what about all our culture?
twadell camp3
uda quis
UVF_mural somme
Remember the Somme – your 1916
not an inch
Not a bloody inch
hands off
no popery

unionist win2
king billy on wall
no surrender1
No surrender but you have no idea of to what or to whom
sectarian graffitti
What is there to it besides a lot of empty slogans?
how dare yoiu say
Educate yourselves and your children. Create a real culture that really contributes to the well-being of society and all the people that live here.
OrangeMan back
Turn your back on the Loyal Orders and while you’re doing it stop calling members of the Roman Catholic Church “Taigs”, “themmuns”, “the other side” and “the other sort”.



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