Can’t Pay. Won’t Pay – UK and Ulster

cant pay
Ulster says goodbye to UK millions
Minister Mike Penning “Follow our policies on welfare reform or we’ll start cutting millions of pounds a month from your funding
budget cuts
That’s the hardline message from Work and Pensions to Stormont’s welfare Minister Nelson McCausland .
Controversial changes to how benefits are doled out started back in April.
house of commons
But nothing has happened in Northern ireland despite warnings of potential big money losses if it didn’t follow suit.
head in sand
Mr Penning told the Nolan Show “if NI won’t go along with parity they can’t expect the rest of the UK to pay for that”.
end of the line
He accused NI politicians of burying their hands in the sand over welfare reform.
head in sand
Our lovely SOS
has already delivered the same message
“The truth is we don’t have as many resources as might have been available in times past
Mr Cameron
has already said “It’s Northern Ireland’s choice
It’s not a question of the UK Government ‘cutting’ [from the money it sends to Stormont]. This is a devolved system; it’s for the politicians in Northern Ireland to decide how much to spend on welfare and how much to spend on other areas of government policy.It’s for Northern Irish politicians to make their own decisions here”.
up to yiou
It will be their decision but obviously if they decide not to make those reforms there are financial consequences“.
what part no
UK taxpayers can’t or won’t pay for NI anymore
cant pay
Who could blame them?
We hate to say it but we told you so!!
budget cuts2


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