Calling all MLA and TD! Your Chance to Make History!!!

Your chance to take part in the very first joint Stormont Assembly-Dail Eireann debate!
Miss this opportunity! Miss out!

The joint RTÉ/BBC programme ‘The Disappeared’ was broadcast on Monday 7th November
If you didn’t see it, here it is
Since then calls have been made in the Stormont Assembly
to discuss the documentary.And an Ulster Unionist Party
uup banner
motion will be discussed by MLAs next week (Nov 11-15).
UUP MLA Tom “I’m no political dinosaur” Elliott said

I am glad that the Assembly will be debating these issues in light of the recent documentary, but I am also disappointed that we can’t have this debate sooner.”
just 110 miles away, a drive of under 2 hours, with an estimated fuel cost of around £21 in the Dail
coalition TDs called for a debate on the ‘Disappeared’
Fine Gael
fine gael
TD Patrick O’Donovan said
fg td o donovan
Seven families are still waiting on closure and justice. They deserve all of the political support they can get.”
sinn fein
has signalled it would back such a Dail debate.
So what’s stopping them debating the issue all together?

Here’s one example from the European parliament
joint debate
And we’re all Europeans now, aren’t we?
Of course, if we had joint sovereignty/governance
Our two Secretaries of State
would simply organise the joint debate between London and Dublin

However,we don’t and if Northerners won’t travel South
no way
and Southerners won’t travel North
no way
We have modern technology to overcome the logistics
video conference
Video conferences and debates. Skype video conferences cost even less

though given their salaries, money is hardly an issue for either TDs or MLAs
The issue of the Disappeared involves both jurisdictions, why not have a joint debate?
MLAs!! TDs!! This is your chance to make history! Remember

Making history never starts with asking for permission

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