Northern Ireland – how much do your obsessions cost?

orange obsession
What is this Marching Season?
It is a sombre festival of colonial domination and sovereign right performed by marching established routes which have become scenes of contest between both the Protestant Loyalists,
the Catholic Nationalist and the authority of the state wearing a policeman’s hat but holding a riot shield and armed with Taser.
orangemen and riot police
How many parades are there?
In 2012 the Loyal Orders and broad Unionist tradition organised 2,493 parades. In 2013 550 parades were held on the 12th of July alone.
What was the big parade like in Belfast?
Everywhere in the crowd people were openly drinking cans of beer and gangs of youths wandered about carrying open bottles of cheap wine, often passing groups of police officers who did nothing to stop them.
orange disorder
Tourists complained of “an intimidatory atmosphere”
and “louts roaming around drunk.”
orange drinker
In a short time the streets were a mess of crushed cans and plastic bags.
litter after orangefest
Sectarian remarks
and foul language were in good supply,even though there were plenty of young children in the crowd.
children at orange parade
Businesses reported “an increase in tensions,” with the perception that it had put people off coming into Belfast.
Just over 80% of shops that opened reported trade below expectations.
I can confirm that 12th July is absent a positive atmosphere. It’s militaristic, nasty, sometimes vulgar, and not much fun.”

Social Development Ninister Nelson McCausland
nelson 12_July_in_Belfast,_2011
spent £40,000 public money on a report that found the Loyal Orders and band parades generated almost £55 million in economic and social benefits for the North each year.
let me tell you
That’s like the KKK telling everyone that sales of bedsheets have gone through the roof
kkk in bedsheets
because of their activities and so they are a positive expression of culture in the USA.
The report did not include
sorry forgot 1
1)the cost of policing these parades.
In 2011 £5.2 million was spent on security around loyalist marches during the summer, while £255,000 was spent around republican parades
In 2012 Parades Commission Chairman Peter Osborne said over £7m was spent .
2013 The PSNI has spent more than £15 million (€17.8 million) since April of this year
Loyalist Flag Protests
2012-2013: “The cost of policing the union flag protests exceeded £15m” confirmed the PSNI chief constable .
The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) estimated that the flag protests had cost Belfast businesses up to £15m in lost revenue.
Twadell Peace camp
twadell camp3
£300,000 weekly to police nightly loyalist protests in north Belfast. These protests have been continuing each night since July 12th when Orangemen were banned from parading past the shops at Ardoyne.
sorry i forgot 2
2)Loss of tourist revenue during the height of the ‘marching season’
due to the mass exodus of people from the North
belfast airport
and the people who were put off from coming to Northern Ireland
Indeed the NI tourist board states that most of our “tourists” are people visiting family and friends
They are not real tourists

real tourists
3) Damage to the Northern Ireland Image
damage to image
Continued unrest in Northern Ireland is deterring investment and hampering the growth of the economy,
4) Social costs
i dont care
Police resources could have been deployed to target other crimes.
The violence damages police relations with communities and
Causes tension between communities and fuels sectarianism.

But Orangemen absolutely have to march on

Northern Ireland should act in its own best interests, not indulge its obsessions

Click to access may13-report.pdf

Click to access pc-2012-annual-report.pdf

Click to access domestic_tourism_report_2012-2.pdf

8 thoughts on “Northern Ireland – how much do your obsessions cost?

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  6. What a load of sectarian hatred being stirred up by tepublicans this article has failed to mention the cost of combating tepublican terrorism


  7. the costs in figures were all taken from the references you see and refer to the years 2012-2013. As were the comments of the tourists.
    Please indicate where you find “sectarian hatred being stirred up by republicans”.
    This article was dealing with the economic and social costs of Orangeism/Loyalism – not dissident republicanism –
    unless you would like to factor that in as another cost of Orangeism/Loyalism?
    I suppose it could be considered in that way


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