What are Loyalists loyal to? 

‘Loyalists are basically loyal to the Crown; to the British way of life; I think that is the concept of our Britishness – the freedom to be who we are and what we are and say what we want, when we want”.

“Being loyal – we are loyal to the Crown.’(O, UVF, Tyrone, 2005)
the crown
“Our basic strength and definition of our loyalty include a whole lot of other things that make up our Protestant culture, our heritage, and our way of life; whether that is our Loyal Orders,
royal black knight
(Do they knight themselves in a self-knighting ceremony?)
marching cultures,
orange march
flute bands,

supporting Rangers,
Lambeg drumming,
“our Ulster Scots connection, or our basic sense of identity of being Ulstermen but being within the broader British Isle context within the Union. All of those things come together to make up what we are loyal to.(A, UVF, Co. Antrim)
“That is our culture, the Orange Order”.
reg empey.jpg2
“My motto would be that we are still defenders of the faith and the Protestant community”.(X, UDA, Belfast, 2005)
Their core assumption is that the only alternative to Ulster Loyalist dominance is Ulster Loyalist defeat and humiliation



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