Scrap the Stormont Assembly – It’s not fit for purpose (3)

same old
Same old bigotry, same old bigotry
You still on about this? What’s the latest bee in your bonnet?
bee in your bonnet
The Social Investment Fund (SIF)

What’s that?
It is £80 million the Northern Ireland Executive allocated in 2011 to deliver social change.

What sort of social change?
It’s supposed to reduce poverty and unemployment, promote education and health and fix up badly deteriorated property and areas.

What’s wrong with that? It sounds great.
bee in your bonnet
Two years on, not a penny has been released to projects.

The £15m that was supposed to be spent this allocated year has already been reallocated
peterìs principle
Has any of the money been used?
Nearly half a million has gone on consultancy fees and the rest is still sitting there.
Our people are suffering hardship!!
And foodbanks are “mushrooming” in Northern Ireland according to the Belfast Telegraph.

What’s holding up the money?
Demands for a shared out future –
apples shared out
not a shared future!

What do you mean?
sinn fein
wants the money allocated on the basis of need, but the
DUP doesn’t agree

what part no
What do you mean?

If the money were allocated based on deprivation statistics, then more money would go in to nationalist areas than into working-class unionist areas.
Unionist communities would receive less because Nationalist areas suffer more widespread levels of deprivation.

Usual old bigotry
its not true
It is. For example, 26% of Catholics are in low-income households compared with 16% of Protestants.

On every deprivation indicator the percentage of Catholics is higher than the percentage of Protestants.All the official figures agree that 16 of Northern Ireland’s most deprived wards are nationalist.

Our MLAs
OrangeMan back
are quite right to think it over carefully. They can’t just take resources away from us Protestants. We have pockets of deprivation in otherwise affluent areas, Look at
sandy row
sandy row shops
You yourself said we were the ones failing exams in Ulster.

We need that money too.

The way the Stormont Assembly works, the  Nationalists/Republicans and the Unionists/Loyalists have to agree on things before anything gets done.

Your DUP MLAs are the ones that want to split the money 50:50.

If they don’t get their way they will prevent everybody from getting any money
no way out
– including the 20% of the most deprived areas which are Unionist.

Talk about
cut off your nose

Would this level of spiteful incompetence be tolerated in Dublin or London? Edinburgh or Cardiff?–3


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