Scrap the Stormont Assembly – It’s not fit for purpose(1)

1) Stormont Assembly can’t even agree on a beauty pageant!
Misses Out!!

misses out
The 2011 Miss Ulster competition
miss Ulster
Those frocks are perfect illustrations of a “shared future”. Note the Republican aspiration is short, puffed up and faded, while the Union Flag predominates
Even then the Miss Ulster beauty contest caused something of a stir, with some objecting to it being staged in Parliament Buildings
This year it was pulled at the last minute in the wake of an outcry from some politicians over entry criteria restrictions on age, height and dress size. An MLA who was sponsoring the event withdrew her backing.

what part no
2) Northern Ireland health minister Edwin Poots misses out not once but three times
He has spent almost £100,000 of public money appealing High Court decisions.
gay blood ban
a)Mr Justice Treacy said Mr Poots’ decision about the ban “irrational” and that Mr Poots had breached the ministerial code by failing to take the issue before the Executive
Poots 1

Mr Poots tried to challenge an appeal court’s decision
dup banner
that paved the way for gay and lesbian couples to adopt children in Northern Ireland.
gay adoption
b)A spokesman for the Supreme Court, the UK’s top court said: “The Supreme Court of the UK has refused permission to appeal the Court of Appeal’s decision in this matter”, adding “The Supreme Court issued an order on 22 October 2013 stating that the application did not satisfy the criteria of raising an arguable point of law of general public importance.

The Northern Ireland Human Rights Chief Commissioner Professor Michael O’Flaherty said
“All of the judgments and today’s rejection by the Supreme Court to hear a further appeal confirmed that the law in Northern Ireland was out of step
with the United Kingdom’s human rights obligations.”
The health minister cannot appeal the high court’s decision

what part no
Mr Poots said he was
disappointed by the court ruling”.
Draft guidelines on abortion that Mr Poots Ministry issued in Northern Ireland in March caused a “mood of fear”
mood of fear
among medical staff. They were warned they could face 10 years in jail
prison 2
if they did not report suspicions of unlawful abortions to the PSNI.
c)The Director of Public Prosecutions Barra McGrory,

said it was not a criminal offence if someone assists a woman going to England for a lawful termination

Is it legal for a Health Minister to waste public money, discriminate against gay people and terrorise medical professionals?

Would all this incompetence happen in London or Dublin? Edinburgh or Cardiff?

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