Peter Robinson’s speeches

do as i say
While you were off line Mr Robinson made two major speeches
Two speeches in two days! He must be getting ready for his Christmas holiday at his house in Florida,
He’d better watch out – Eric Leigh-Pink is forecasting a hurricane and disastrous floods there!
He seems to have heeded Eric’s warning. Him and his wife Iris are now selling their luxurious Florida holiday home for almost half a million dollars.
What did he say anyway in these two famous speeches?
He says he’s convinced that “a shared and united society in Northern Ireland is the only way forward for all of us”.
He’s right. That’s what the people voted for in the Good Friday Agreement. Unionist parties, Loyalists and Loyal Orders have put very little effort into making these good intentions a reality on the ground. It’s all
paisley 4
what part no
Haven’t you got the message yet? It’s the
end of the age
for sectarianism and triumphalist Loyalism
end of the line
Very few people believe Mr Robinson. We’re getting mixed messages from him.
Why do you say that? Maybe he’s just saying “Get me
off the hook
His heart isn’t in these speeches.
He certainly hasn’t been leading by example over the past 12 months. Remember all the leaflets the DUP distributed over the Flag issue?
dup leaflet1
That started off all the protests.
The DUP support the Twadell Civil Rights camp
twadell camp2
and the Twadell Initiative,
That certainly died an early death
He said our Britishness wasn’t being chipped away
Even though he admitted outsiders might try – and from time to time succeed – in limiting our cultural expression in a specific place or manner
Who are these “outsiders”
He suggested the nationalists
hands off
They’re not outsiders. Nationalists and Republicans are part of the community.
Maybe the Parades Commission?
They’re a legally constituted body
Some government? Perhaps Westminster
house of commons
is putting some pressure on him to toe the British government’s line?
The British, Irish and American governments are all involved in the peace arrangements – They’re not outsiders
Maybe he was referring to Mr Haass. I don’t know but it’s very worrying
Richard Haass will certainly be noting these developments
He needs to realise the “Not an inch” mentality
not an inch
is alive and well. About 50% of Unionist MLAs are in the Loyal Orders
OrangeMan back
and if the OO don’t get exactly what they want out of the Haass talks –
no restrictions
to do whatever they want, whenever they want, whereever they want . . . .
orangeman in ni
There has to be
better alternative
a better alternative to an Orange Order controlled Stormont Assembly. What else did Mr Robinson say?
In the unlikely event that Stormont collapsed there would be an upsurge in paramilitary violence.
uvf sil
it would leave a void which every malign force would seek to exploit and profit from,” he said
govt ireland act
Paramilitary organisations which are presently contained would be reinforced and bracing themselves for an opening to wage terror”
pipe dream
Threats and fear-mongering.
There’s no reason to suppose that will happen

psni badge
can call on British police forces for extra support as they have already done this year and the
garda badge
will fully collaborate with them in maintaining law and order.
And if the Stormont Assembly is
because as it stands it’s hardly fit for purpose, a new administration will be set up immediately
Probably interim Joint Sovreignty

With two Secretaries of State


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