Evictions are back – Stay in your home

evictions in ireland
Michael Davitt founded the Land League of Mayo, in August 1879, to organise and direct the agitation for .
the land of Ireland for the people of Ireland.
This was to ring as a battle cry throughout the country.
There is a folk memory of resistance to evictions that means some citizens are refusing to go without a fight

A handful of protesters – many of whom have lost their homes in the downturn – shouted “Ireland is not for sale” and told the auctioneers to “go home”.
And as much as evictions evoke anger amongst Irish people because of our history, they also evoke a hell of a lot of fear.

Here’s the shocking truth about how the banks have planned mass evictions with legislation to back them up (27 June 2013)

A new banking code approved by the Dublin parliament will potentially lead to a dramatic increase in home repossessions. Under the new code, which will come into effect in July 2013, the moratorium on home repossessions will be slashed from twelve months to just two months, clearing the way for the banks evict people in mortgage arrears
If people in difficulty work together we can stop repossessions. Lenders are less likely to repossess if they can’t sell your home. So ‘Buyer be wary – seller beware’ is the message we are sending out today Joan Collins TD
Councillor Louise Minihan has slammed changes to the rules governing home repossessions, saying that all evictions from family homes must be fiercely resisted.
Case histories:
Quantity surveyor Eugene Dooley lost his job when construction slowed and has not worked full-time since.
He has a 220,000 euros mortgage for an apartment bought at the height of the boom, that is now worth just a third of that figure.

I suppose that I felt angry and embarrassed that I couldn’t make my payments, and I suppose I felt ashamed,” he says.
“I was fearful of the correspondence I was getting from solicitors. It was all overwhelming and I buried my head in the sand.

head in sand
He thought about the morality of what the bank was trying to do to him and decided with the help of supporters to stay put in his town centre apartment. He insists he will repay all the money when his life turns around.
The O’Sullivans found themselves in mortgage arrears difficulties after Martin’s plumbing business felt the effects of the recession.The 35-year-old was self-employed when he put down a deposit of €110,000 on the house in 2007. At the same time, he took out a mortgage loan of €150,000 from Permanent TSB. When his business started to falter, the family remortgaged the property with Start Mortgages.They had offered to pay up to €400 per month to the lender but
a High Court repossession order was obtained without challenge. The family did not send a representative to court as they could not afford the legal fees.
They received a letter from the county sheriff earlier this month to advise them of the imminent eviction.

eviction 3
The group of about 100 Anti-eviction activists stopped the O’Sullivan family from being evicted from their Cork house.
anti eviction protest
The Anti-Eviction Taskforce will turn out in numbers to offer a physical presence to homes under immediate threat and will have legal observers at each attempted eviction to document, record, offer advice and act upon any issues that are considered dubious or illegal.
anti eviction task force
This week we see over 100,000 family homes threatened and some 1,000 odd are taking the banks to court

The spokeswoman said “We want the honourable people of Ireland to make a stand and come out ‘suited and booted’ and support our action and celebration of a year of connection and help and support of the REAL people of Ireland

When those in high office refuse to listen, those down on the ground will. We are one community


Protestors force cancellation of property auction



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