We will not be the generation that fails Ulster –You’re just the generation that fails exams in Ulster

how dare yoiu say
We didn’t use to need qualifications to get a job. One of the family or a friend would just speak for you . Probably the Orange still can, if they would
let me tell you
Clothing and textile companies have closed. The shipyard’s long gone,
but those jobs were ours
Shipbuilding and textiles have declined throughout Europe. New technologies have been developed. The economy is being restructured worldwide.
It’s all due to Sinn Fein and the IRA. They brought in those new Employment Laws to give the Taigs our jobs.
bullshit detected
You still don’t realise that “your” jobs are not there any more – not for you and not for anyone.
no way back
I’ve already shown you there is a significant pattern of lower attainment in all controlled (de facto Protestant) secondary schools
its not true
Did you know that working class Protestant boys said they didn’t do well in school because of on-going sectarianism,
increased levels of racial conflict
and being fearful of paramilitaries.
They haven’t gone away, you know
Young Protestant students  feel
from their communities
They could see the difference between what they were being taught and modern life and the hate-filled reality they lived in.
Then there is the ‘drugs’ culture and the lack of ‘anyone caring’
dont care
if they drifted out of school with mediocre qualifications.
They can get a trade
What if they want something different?
They feel disconnected from the peace process
no way out
So you’re saying we need to stop allowing our children to get worked up over flags and marches
and get them to focus on their education?
yes of course
And how do you expect that to happen?
What if they are not interested in education?
What if they just can’t cope with the demands of GCSEs?
fail exam
Tell you tomorrow.
To be cont



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